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The Most Effective Ash Borer Treatment

Treating emerald ash borer

Whenever a tree is infested by an ash borer, ash borer treatment is necessary. An ash borer is a black and yellow colored moth species, which can be as threatening as it looks. However, they way that an ash borer can be dangerous is deceptive. The fact that its shape makes it look like a wasp encourages humans and predators alike to stay away from it, as they will fear being stung. Actually, an ash borer is no threat to sting, and the reason that it is dangerous is due to what it can do to the different species of ash trees. Since ash is a valuable wood, especially to luthiers and players who hold ash bodied guitars in high regard, ash borer treatment and emerald ash borer control is essential to protecting valuable ash trees.

Emerald ash borer treatment can competently prevent ash borers from doing damage to ash trees. The species of ash trees that the ash borer find most tantalizing are mountain ash and European ash. The ash borer will lay her eggs inside the ash tree, and once there, the ash borer larvae may end up killing the ash tree by stealing all of its nutrients. The tell tale signs that an ash tree has been infested by ash borer larvae, and that ash borer treatment is needed, are small holes that look like they were made by worms. There are actually tunnels that the larvae dig in order to get to the part of the tree where there are the most nutrients. Fortunately, ash borer treatment is available through landscaping in lake bluff and landscaping in liberyville.