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The Pros and Cons of Installing Outdoor Plantation Shutters

How to measure for window blinds

When it comes to window treatments, homeowners have dozens of different options to choose from, both inside and outside. One of the best options for the exterior of almost any home is outdoor plantation shutters. They are a great alternative to other options, like outdoor window blinds or much cheaper vinyl shutters, but are not always perfect. There are both good and bad aspects of choosing them.
The Pros

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When Is the Time to Replace Your AC?

Phoenix electrician

It isn’t exactly the season for air conditioner service. Still, diligent homeowners across the southwest know that that’s no excuse to neglect regular filter changes and maintenance checks. They’re gearing up for AC season, and all too many of them are going to be disappointed when their systems break down mid-heatwave, despite all their hard work and attention.

It’s an unfortunate occurrence that mainly happens when air conditioners are starting to reach the end of their lifespans. Eventually, home AC repair and compressor replacement just won’t cut it any more. But, how

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The Startling Who, What, and Why of Littering

Litter prevention

A shocking 75% of all Americans admit to littering at some point within the last five years. As a result, it should come as no surprise that some 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the oceans by the United States every year and, over the last two decades, the amount of plastic waste polluting the planet has grown 10% every year. Unfortunately, the high volume of land pollution is leading to a number of different environmental issues, and the solutions to those problems are hazy. However, the who, what, why, and other littering facts are pretty clear.

Who Litters?

At some point, most every American will litter, even if it is just a small gum rapper. But some are more common offenders than others.

  • M

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AC Shut Down? Contact an Emergency Repair Professional Right Away!

Central air conditioning repair

Today, kids should consider themselves fortunate that they don’t have to go to schools in the summer. Though the idea of a summer break developed because it simply got too hot for kids to focus on their work, the extended vacation never went away even after schools installed AC. Since some 87% of homes in the United States have air conditioning, according to estimates by the energy information administration, the majority of kids are able to soak up the AC whether they are in school or at home. Unless, of course, the efficient home cooling system in their home breaks down. When that happens, their parents will likely have to invest in central air conditioning repairs.

Over time, even the best home heating and coolin

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