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3 Ways to Make Your Living Room a Modern Design Paradise

Eilersen furniture md

Did you know that the furniture market in the U.S. is now worth about $63 billion annually? That?s a lot of safas.

When you first moved into your home or apartment, it likely came with a lot of legacy furniture. It has the armchairs from your parent?s basement and the table you found at a second-hand store. These items have served you well over the past few years, and have a special place in your heart and past. But sometimes, you have to acknowledge when it?s time to upgrade — and stop living like a college student on a budget.

Modern furniture is popular for fresh looking spaces. Although it encompasses a fairly wide range of styles, colors, etc., the idea is to keep thing clean and simple — the ornate, heavily decorated pieces that are popular in more traditional styles won?t fi

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