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Are You Getting Ready to Update the Landscaping in Front of Your Home?


The girls are both gone for the weekend and you and your wife have the gift of a full weekend of time to do with what you want.
In the past years when your teenage daughters went boating and tubing with their older cousins, you and your wife have often tackled redecorating the girls’ room. This year, however, you decided that you would just enjoy the time. On the first night of their absence you went out for dinner and a movie. After sleeping in on Saturday morning, though, you woke up ready to get to work. Instead of working in one of the girls’ bedrooms this time, you have decided to tackle the landscaping in the front of the house. You have requested bids from a couple of different landscapers in the past, but you really like to do outside work yourself. This day’s project is going to start with ripping ou

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