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What is Radon and How Do I Test for It?

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What is radon? You may have seen an ad for radon abatement or radon testing and inspection and wondered if you had anything to worry about in your home. Read on for an answer to the question “what is radon” and whether or not you should be concerned:

What is Radon?

Radon is a gas produced by the natural decay of the radioactive element, uranium. Uranium is in our rocks and our dirt is small amounts. Radon gas has no color, not taste, and no odor, so it’s impossible to detect by human senses. Testing for radon can only be done by kits and special sensors.

What is the Problem With Radon?

After asking “what is radon,” the next natural question is why it matters. The issue is

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The Home Can Be A Dangerous Place How Handicap Bathroom Design Makes It Safer

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Your home shouldn’t just be comfortable. It should be supporting you every step of the way.

What does this entail? The bathroom isn’t a bad place to start. Being able to comfortably slip into a bath, use the toilet or wash one’s hands can seem a benign aspect of everyday life, but it’s a feature many homes don’t encourage with lackluster design. People with physical disabilities, the elderly and the chronically ill have a lot to gain from improved handicap bathroom design, with improved freedom being the most obvious. If your home hasn’t been updated in a while or you’re having a family member move in, reaching out to a home remodel expert may be in your future.

You won’t have t

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HVAC Systems Making a Case for Preventative Maintenance

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Imagine this scenario. You’re cold. It’s the dead of winter. And there is three feet of snow piled outside. You’re bundled up in clothes. You have on four layers. And you’re waiting for the heater to come on. But it doesn’t. And you’re stranded for the day, shivering in the house. Using a small space heater to stay warm.

While this may seem like it’s the fate of other people or not many people at all, it is an occurrence that happens sometimes during winter and can seriously disable some individuals. The problem with this picture isn’t necessarily the person. Sometimes they have tried to stay warm all they could. But they forgot one thing:

Their HVAC system.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. It is the system that controls the temperature and air quality in a home.

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