Three Things to Know about Handicapped Remodeling

Handicap bathrooms

A handicapped bathroom can be necessary for people who want to get around their homes without being seriously injured in the process. When people are handicapped, they need the ability to get on and off their latrines or in and out of their showers without too much trouble. This means that sometimes a shower without a step or a toilet with a hold bar can be the best choice for people who are looking into getting their homes fixed.

1. But the first thing to do when looking up ideas for bathroom remodeling is to expand the doorway and the hallway leading to it by somewhere around 36 inches. This makes it possible for someone in a handicapped chair to get around the house with a relative amount of ease.

2. A bathroom to accommodate the handicapped should have an open sink underneath so that they can wash their hands easily enough. This makes the process so much easier for them as they might otherwise have to hoist themselves onto the counter and support themselves with their elbows if they need to get their hands under the flow of the water. Of course, if the person is not in a wheelchair but rather a walker, the sink might need to be slightly higher than is standard.

3. If they need an open sink underneath, they also need to have a latrine seat that is slightly higher so that they do not put too much weight on their legs. This can be one of the best methods for ensuring that they can navigate the bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling designs might be expensive to hire. Nonetheless, a bathroom remodeling design can yield somewhere around 62 percent of the return on investment. The bathroom is one of the most trafficked areas in the home but over time the constant exposure to perspiration can break down the major components. A handicapped bathroom can also offer many opportunities for bathroom remodel designs. Phoenix bathroom remodeling might be just what you need as you are looking to build a better home. More on this topic.