The 13 Best Paint Colors for All of Your 2024 Home Remodeling Projects

The 13 Best Paint Colors for All of Your 2024 Home Remodeling Projects


Thinking about how colors can change our homes is exciting. The best paint colors for 2024 are all about being fresh and having a deep vibe. We’ve got colors like the calm Blue Nova from Benjamin Moore and that down-to-earth Softer Tan by Sherwin Williams. These colors will likely be everywhere in home makeovers. So, if you’re dreaming about making your bathroom cozier, your kitchen brighter, or giving your whole house a new look, these shades are here to make it happen. The best contracting company is ready to help out with your projects. Let’s dive into the top 15 colors that’ll make our homes this 2024.

1. Blue Nova

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova is a great color, and people are saying it is one of the best paint colors for 2024. It has a violet feel, making any room feel calm yet stylish. When drywall contractors get their hands on it, they can make any room look bigger and more welcoming. Local painting services also think Blue Nova is great because it works with almost any style, from the new stuff to the classic looks.

It’s perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where you just want to relax. And getting the walls sanded down first means the color goes on super smooth, letting its true beauty show. This color is getting a lot of attention as one of the go-to paint colors for 2024. It’s got this great mix of peaceful vibes and fancy looks. So, whether hiring pros or doing it yourself, adding Blue Nova to your home can make the place feel up-to-date, inviting, and super stylish.


2. Softer Tan

Sherwin Williams’ Softer Tan is like a big, warm hug for your home, making it a top pick for 2024. This color is your go-to if you consider giving your kitchen or living room a fresh look. It’s all about making things feel calm and cozy, just the vibe you’d want where everyone hangs out. And, get this: Softer Tan is a magic color. It works with almost everything – from the old-school charm of natural wood to the sleek cool of modern metals.

Imagine a bathroom remodel with a super fancy spot using this color. Throw in some gentle lights and fluffy towels; you’ve got yourself a spa. But wait, there’s more. If you’ve got a basement feeling left out, Softer Tan is to the rescue! It’s not just about looking pretty. This color makes any space feel like a part of the family. It’s got this special touch that turns a house into a “home.” Softer Tan is a solid choice for picking the best paint colors for 2024. It’s not just about the look; it’s about the feel, too.


3. Persimmon

Actually, Persimmon is one of the best paint colors for 2024 because it’s bright and full of life. It’s ideal for kitchen remodeling or adding a wow factor to a living room wall. If you’re spicing up your house, Persimmon is your go-to for making things stand out in a happy, eye-catching way. And if you’re into making your place look modern with a splash of color, Persimmon is what a lot of folks recommend.

It makes everything feel warm and cheerful, which is why so many people love it when updating their houses with the help of local paint pros. The best painters will tell you to go for top-notch paint and finishes to keep this lively color looking great. If you mix Persimmon with some neutral colors, it balances out the boldness. So, Persimmon is the way to go for anyone wanting to make a big statement in their home in 2024.


4. Pearly White

Pearly White by Sherwin Williams is one of the best paint colors for 2024 because it makes rooms look nice and fresh. It’s good at making small places feel bigger and brighter. People love using it in bathrooms to get that relaxing spa vibe. Local painters think it’s easy to use, too. It goes well with lots of different colors for decorating. Fixing up kitchens is great because it makes everything look clean and lets in a lot of natural light.

Plus, it matches with all kinds of materials and accents. But to get it looking just right, you have to prep the walls well. Sometimes, they even use sandblasting to get rid of old paint. This makes sure Pearly White goes on smoothly. It’s one of the reasons this color is a top pick for 2024 if you want a home that looks neat and fancy.


5. Friendly Yellow

Friendly Yellow is going to be one of the best paint colors for 2024. It’s like sunshine for your walls, making any room feel more welcoming and happy. It’s a great pick for places like your front hall, kitchen, or living room because it adds a warm, inviting vibe. And if you’re thinking about giving your house a makeover, you should consider using Friendly Yellow in spots that could use a little bright pop.

Painters around town say it’s a hit, especially in homes with an open layout, which helps all the different areas feel connected. Before you slap on that Friendly Yellow, drywall pros suggest using a top-notch primer. This step makes sure the color stays bright and cheery for ages. This color, getting all sorts of love for 2024, is a solid reminder of how much color can change the atmosphere in your place.


6. Misty Gray

Misty Gray is turning out to be one of the best paint colors for 2024. It’s super stylish and works for any room, making everything look calm yet elegant. It’s a color that makes other colors stand out but keeps things looking peaceful and put together—people who know about painting houses like Misty Gray.

They say it’s ideal for making your kitchen look great, especially with those shiny metal appliances and fancy marble counters. And if you want your place to have a fresh, modern look that’ll still look good years from now, try mixing Misty Gray with bright whites or deep blues. It’s becoming popular because everyone wants their home to be flexible and peaceful.


7. Radiant Orchid

So, this amazing color called Radiant Orchid is winning hearts for 2024. This eye-catching shade mixes fuchsia, purple, and pink; let us tell you, it makes any room pop! Consider adding it as a feature wall in your living room or dining space. It’s like, bam, instant vibe change. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your bathroom, tossing in some Radiant Orchid can bring in a splash of luxury and energy.

And don’t worry about the how—local painters can get it on your walls smooth and nice, making sure it looks amazing no matter the light. And it’s not just you and me thinking it’s amazing. Many folks redoing their homes are picking Radiant Orchid because it adds a cool personality to their spaces. This color shows that the top picks for 2024 are all about being bold and creative.


8. Deep Sea Green

Deep Sea Green looks like it’ll be one of the best paint colors for 2024. It brings a rich, cool vibe to any room. Think about the deep, calm part of the ocean—that’s what this color is all about. It’s perfect for making a room pop, like your living room or bedroom. Painters like Deep Sea Green because it can be used anywhere.

It’s great for a modern look or something more classic. Mix it with natural wood or stone for a warm and welcoming space. And, if you’re thinking about hiring a basement contractor, Deep Sea Green is the way to go. It adds a touch of class and a bit of mystery. Dark colors like this one can make your home look amazing.


9. Sunlit Coral

Sunlit Coral is rocking the paint world right now and making waves as one of the top picks for 2024. It’s all about bringing a cozy and lively feel. Imagine splashing this fun color in your kitchen, bathroom, or where you welcome folks into your home. It’s great at catching the light and giving any room a bit of a perk-up.

Local painters are pretty happy with Sunlit Coral, too. Why? Because it’s super friendly and makes any space feel more inviting. It goes great with gentle colors like wood or wool, making rooms look cool and cozy. So, for 2024, Sunlit Coral is where it’s at for adding some color to your place. You can go big and paint a whole room or add a few pops of color here and there. Either way, it’s all about making your space happier and full of life.


10. Midnight Blue

Think about Midnight Blue as one of the best paint colors for 2024 because it’s super deep and has a lot of drama. This fancy color can make any place look fancy, like turning your bedroom or living room into a cozy spot. It’s perfect for when you want to chill out. And the best painters really like using Midnight Blue. It’s great for making a place feel close and cozy.

Plus, it looks amazing with shiny materials and rich fabrics. It’s a brave pick that shows how much people want their homes to feel more, you know, full of feelings. So, if you’re fixing up your house with some help, adding Midnight Blue can make it look classy and timeless. Being one of the top paint picks in 2024, it shows how color can change how a place feels and looks.


11. Whispering Wheat

Whispering Wheat is on its way to being one of the best paint colors for 2024, all because it’s warm and welcoming. This light, neutral color makes spaces where families spend a lot of time, like family rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, feel snug and cozy. Local painters like Whispering Wheat because it goes well with many different decorating looks.

Its gentle warmth complements natural materials and helps make every room feel more together and peaceful. And if you’re thinking about fixing up your kitchen or bathroom, Whispering Wheat is a calm background that looks good with many different bathroom and kitchen parts and pieces. It’s among the top paints for 2024 because it’s all about making homes feel more like a warm hug.


12. Emerald Envy

Emerald Envy will win people over as one of the best paint colors for 2024 for home renovation. It’s bold, full of life, and brings a wow factor to any room. Think of using it on an accent wall or to jazz up your living or dining area. Top painters are all about Emerald Envy because it’s deep and rich. It makes any space look fancy and classy.

Mix it with gold touches or light wood, and boom, you’ve got a look that’s both super modern and classic. Emerald Envy is a bold but great pick if you’re considering sprucing up your home. As a leading paint color for 2024, it’s all about pushing you to try new colors and see how paint can change your space.


13. Cozy Beige

Cozy Beige is the top pick for paint colors in 2024 because it makes any room warm and welcoming. It’s ideal if you’re into that minimalist vibe or just want your bedroom, living room, or home office to feel comfortable. Local painters are all over Cozy Beige because it just goes with everything.

It’s like that one friend who fits in with any group. It’s incredible for making a place feel all relaxed and peaceful. And, with everyone looking for colors that make them feel good and settled, Cozy Beige is winning the game. It’s got this classic charm that makes any spot feel like home.


Final Thoughts

The best paint colors for 2024 are a bunch of great shades that’ll make our homes show off who we are and what we dream about. We’re talking about deep, peaceful Blue Nova and super-cheery Friendly Yellow that make us want to give our places a fresh look. If you team up with top-notch painters and local pros, these colors will go on just right and make your home look amazing. So, as we prepare for what’s hot in 2024, let these colors spark some big and beautiful changes in our homes.