4 Ways to Get Your Closet More Neat and Organized

4 Ways to Get Your Closet More Neat and Organized


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Most people like to have a neat and tidy home. Hardwood floors, vinyl tile and laminate flooring is as popular as it is today because it is easy to clean. When many people are looking to straighten up their home, they often look for closet solutions to make those areas more neat and organized. These tips can help with that.

1. Downsize your belongings. Experts in organizing recommend people go through their wardrobes once or twice a year. If you have seasonal clothing, such as warm clothes for the winter, and you have not worn in two seasons, you should get rid of them. If you choose to donate to charity, you can help a lot of people and lower your tax bill (the Internal Revenue Service allows you to deduct what you donate from your tax bill). If you have clothing that no longer fits you, you should donate it to free up space in your closet and help others. In terms of closet solutions, this is a great way to do a lot of good. Most people have a lot of clothing that they never wear so this is a great way to declutter a space.

2. Consider hiring a professional organizer. You may think hiring someone to help you find the right closet solutions is something that is beyond your budget but these services are surprisingly affordable. If ou talk to professionals wo specialize in this, you may discover the service will be worth it.

3. Get a custom closet. It is also possible to create a custom closet that is perfectly suited to show off your clothing, shoes and accessories. Many stores, both online and offline, are around that sell pieces that can be used to organize a closet.

4. Get all of your stuff in order. there are also ways to arrange your items so that they are easier to get to and see. These are some closet solutions for how to get your space decluttered and stay that way:

  • Get the right hangers. You should get hangers that will not allow the item you put on them fall off. Hangers that let your clothing fall to the floor end up causing your closet to get a lot messier than it needs to be. If you get hangers that match each other, that will give your closet a more put together look and feel. These do nit have to be expensive to look good and do the job you need them to do.
  • Put cedar in your closet. This is one of the best closet solutions around. If you are storing wood or cashmere sweaters, putting some cedar in your closet will keep away the moths without making your clothes smell like chemicals. Just remember to switch out your cedar once every six months or so.
  • Protect your sweaters. If you hang your sweaters on hangers, you should fold them up to prevent them from losing their shape. Another way to store sweaters is to put them on shelves.
  • Remove your clothing from garment or dry cleaning bags. There are chemicals in many garment bags and all dry cleaning bags that will damage your clothing if you leave them in them. As soon as you get your clothing home from the dry cleaner, you should take it out of the bags.
  • Organize clothes by color, not size. You will have an easier time finding the dress you want when your organize your clothes by color, then size.
  • Add a light to your closet. You will have a much easier time finding the items you want in your closet when you can see them. There are a number of kinds of lights you can add. If you do not have power in your closet, that is ok. There are battery powered lights that you can get at a local home improvement or hardware store that can be affixed to a wall. This will make your closet a lot easier to manage.

Keeping a closet looking neat and tidy can be a challenge for even the most organized person on the planet. Starting with a well organized closet space is the best way to get things started on the right foot.