Backyard Seating Area Ideas for Outdoor Living

Backyard Seating Area Ideas for Outdoor Living


Your backyard can be the best area for relaxing after a long day at work. During summer, you also find yourself outdoors, and adding a seating area in the backyard can make the place more comfortable for you and your family. There are several backyard seating area ideas you can implement to make it the perfect zone for relaxation.

A comfortable seating area in the backyard gives you a chance to enjoy the sun during the summer and fresh air all year round. When thinking of designing the seating area, you have to consider the available space, budget, and your personal needs. If you have no idea where to start, these backyard seating area ideas will give you plenty of inspiration.


Consider Artificial Grass That Won’t Get Muddy

Many homeowners dream of creating some green space in their backyard. What they don’t know is that they don’t have to plant flowers or any type of plants. You can give your backyard an illusion of green space using fake grass.

Although not natural, you’ll still get that feeling of your backyard being covered by nature. If you have never installed artificial turf before, you may need to look for fake grass installation service providers in your area.

Do not go for any artificial grass. You should first take into consideration the characteristics of your backyard. For example, is it prone to standing water? You must look for a solution that will not create a muddy seating area. Will you have regular visitors? Look for an artificial turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

To avoid getting muddy, consider the fake grass’s drainage system. You should use artificial grass with 100% permeable backing. This will allow pet urine and water to pass directly through any point in the artificial turf. And because you’re likely to have your children on the turf often, you should consider using fake grass with antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties help prevent the buildup of bacteria and germs.

Incorporate the Garden Bed

A raised garden bed would be a great addition to your backyard seating area, especially for lovers of nature. This is also one of the backyard seating area ideas for creating green space. The garden bed can be either temporary or permanent – depending on your preferences.

Some of the materials you need to incorporate a beautiful garden bed in your backyard include straw, concrete, newspaper, cardboard, leaves, mulch, burlap, and grass clippings. Buy these materials in bulk to minimize the costs of setting up the garden. For example, buying from bulk organic mulch suppliers will keep down the cost of mulch you’re going to use.

Besides creating green space and making your backyard have the right ambiance, you’ll get many benefits from the garden bed. To keep enjoying these benefits, you have to keep on fertilizing the plants to ensure steady growth to their maturity.

One of the advantages of raised garden beds is that they can fit any space. It is possible to create an entire garden seating area in small spaces. You can borrow from the many garden bed ideas for inspiration on the perfect setup that fits your space.

Keep it Away From the Septic System

Your septic system is one of the most important infrastructures in your home. If it is tampered with, you may not be able to enjoy certain essential utilities in your home. It may not be safe to come into contact with the septic system, and this is why you should keep your garden seating area away from it.

It may be impossible to avoid going close to the septic system. In such cases, build your backyard seating area with caution. Landscaping or gardening near a septic system should be done with care. Use backyard seating area ideas that emphasize safety for gardens that are near the system.

Avoid implementing ideas that may lead to damage to the septic system. Planting shrubs, ground covers, or trees over a septic system can cause a septic system failure. If any of your landscaping or gardening tampers with the system, you’ll have to call septic pumping contractors to look at it and do repairs.

You’d also want any vegetables in your backyard to be as far away as possible from the septic system to avoid contamination. Some of your pets may also be feeding out of this area, and you want to ensure the backyard is not contaminated.

Invest in Prime Lighting

Want to make your backyard the perfect place to hang out at night? Well, unless you enjoy prolonged darkness, you’ll have to invest in proper lighting for your backyard. The lights do not have to cover or illuminate your entire backyard.

You may want to use different lighting in your outdoors. If you’re not sure of the perfect choice for outdoor lighting, you should consult an electrical company in your area for ideas and installation of the lights.

By keeping your backyard well illuminated, you don’t have to cut short your backyard activities such as barbecuing and partying because it’s getting dark. Lighting is one of the backyard seating area ideas that ensures that the backyard is usable at any time of the day.

There are three main types of lighting to consider for your backyard. The first is security lighting to improve navigation at night and deter prowlers. You may also need specific landscaping lights to add to the aesthetics of your backyard. The third type is accent lighting, which puts focus on your hardscape.

Most of the backyard areas are not connected to your home’s electrical system by default. This means that you may have to extend the system to specific areas that may need lighting. Look for electrical wiring installation experts to connect these areas and set up the lighting.

Make Sure Your Home Can Handle the Adjustments

Implementing some of these backyard seating area ideas may require several adjustments to your home. We have already seen that you may have to modify your wiring system to accommodate outdoor lighting. While this may seem like a minor adjustment, some ideas may need major shifts in your home.

One of the systems that you may need to adjust is your home’s plumbing system. For example, if you want to install a sprinkler system for your garden or lawn, you need to extend the plumbing system. If you’re not an expert and DIY the project, you may damage some critical systems, ending up spending more money on repairs. For example, you may need to hire a plumber for your tankless water heater maintenance and repair needs after adjustments to the plumbing system.

Some people may want to make their garage an extension of the outdoor space. For example, part of the outdoor furniture may be housed in the garage. As the garage extends to the outdoor space, you may need to make a few adjustments or renovations to align it with the outdoor space.

The type of adjustments you need to make depends on the backyard ideas you plan to implement. Before implementing the plans, make sure that your home will be able to handle the adjustments.

Go All-Out for Outdoor Living

Make your backyard your small haven by incorporating outdoor living ideas to make the space beautiful and comfortable. The type of space you create will be determined by factors such as the size of your family, the needs of your children and other adult members of the family, your budget, and more. For example, if you have kids, you’ll have to create an outdoor space for them to play.

Create an outdoor dining area and kitchen that fits your family and guests. These additions may need some adjustments in both your outdoor space and your home. For example, your outdoor built-in kitchen may not have the design or surface that you want. Maybe you want to do a granite countertop replacement or change the barbecue grill. You’ll have to do all the necessary changes to ensure your outdoor kitchen meets your needs.

The outdoor dining area will need comfortable seats. You do not have to recreate your home dining area – get creative and add furniture suitable for the outdoors. In addition to the dining area, add a TV to make the outdoors an entertainment area for the family. Catch your favorite TV shows or sporting events while enjoying fresh air from the backyard.

Add a pergola for a shaded area for your sitting area to filter out extreme sunshine during hot summers. The greenery of the plants will also add beauty to the backyard. You can get creative with various backyard seating area ideas to match the seats or benches with shades of green.

Buy High-Quality Patio Materials

To make your backyard seating area relaxing and comfortable, you should invest in high-quality patio materials. Most patios are made of six main materials – concrete, flagstone, brick, pavers, cut stone, and tiles. Before buying the materials, do a thorough assessment of the position of the patio to ensure you buy the right materials.

Concrete is the most preferred material for the patio floor. You can add some style by using concrete paving stones. These stones are made of dense compacted concrete to form units that can mimic natural stones or bricks. Compared to bricks and natural stones, concrete paving stones are less expensive, yet of great quality. One of the main advantages of concrete is that it’s durable.

Homeowners looking for a natural solution for the patio floor can use natural stones. Like planting flowers or plants, this is one of the backyard seating area ideas that implement nature into your outdoor space. These natural stones are also more environmentally friendly compared to some materials used for patio floors. Common varieties of natural stones you can use include limestone, bluestone, slate, and quartzite.

You can also use stylish tiles to give your patio a distinct look. Be sure to only use tiles meant for the outdoors – not tiles for your bathroom or kitchen. You can also use high-quality bricks for your patio. These bricks for patios are a little different from the bricks used in your home.

Properly Irrigate the Space

Green spaces need a lot of maintenance because plants need regular watering to survive and flourish. You’ll need to water the plants or flowers all year round. A good irrigation system will make things easy for you. Think ahead about the amount of water the plants will need. Some drought-resistant varieties may not need much water.

There are various irrigation methods you can use to implement your backyard seating area ideas for creating green spaces. One of the most popular is the pop-up sprinkler irrigation system. This is a pop-up underground system that is used to irrigate lawns. However, this method can be wasteful.

A more efficient irrigation method for your backyard is the drip irrigation system. This method allows you to pinpoint exactly where the water should go. Therefore, you’re able to save water if you use this method.

An additional popular irrigation method is using the garden hose. This is a good choice if your backyard is small. This method also gives you face-to-face time with your plants. While designing and installing an irrigation system, do not forget to install a deck drain system. You do not want your deck to be filled with water that spills over from the irrigation.

Add Warmth for Cold Nights

Proper lighting is not the only thing you need to hang out in your backyard at night. You may also need to install a fireplace to keep warm during chilly nights. The fireplace should be strategically placed in the seating area to ensure everyone can keep warm.

Get the Right Outdoor Furniture

Extreme weather conditions can damage your furniture outdoors. This is why you should choose a specific type of furniture that can withstand harsh weather. Aluminum is a good choice because of its weather-resistance properties. If you prefer wooden furniture, go for hardwoods such as teak. You can also buy portable plastic chairs that can be stored in the house during bad weather.

There are many backyard seating area ideas you can implement for your backyard. From incorporating a garden bed to investing in prime lighting, these are ideas meant to help you create a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space in your backyard. While implementing these ideas, you should also think about the needs and preferences of other family members.