Slurry blasting for all your metal cleaning

Slurry blasting for all your metal cleaning


Co2 cleaning

Dry ice blasting companies can offer you all your environmental cleaning services, from dry ice blasting to CO2 blasting, Co2 cleaning, slurry blasting, and even dry ice blasting rental services. Minnesota dry ice blasting companies are ready now to service you with all your CO2 and slurry blasting needs.

Slurry blasting is the process of mixing either abrasive or non abrasive materials with water, then sent out through a high velocity nozzle to “scrub” a surface clean. In essence, it is like a power wash you use on your car at the car wash, except with other materials mixed with the water which would blast away the paint on your car.

Slurry blasting has all sorts of applications which you can find out about today by calling up one of the local slurry blasting companies in your area. With fast, clean, professional service, slurry blasting companies offer the perfect choice for people who need something cleaned in a way which ordinary water and soap can’t do. For instance, slurry blasting can remove burrs, scale, oxidation and rust, machining marks, and coatings from metal. Plus the slurry blasting process has the added advantage over dry blasting processes of minimizing dust particles in the air. This means a higher quality of air in the work place which is better for everyone involved.

So don’t hesitate. If you have need of the cleaning power that comes with slurry blasting, then go online, research what companies would work best for you, and call one of them up today and get a quote.