Take Advantage of All Your Resources to Alleviate the Stress of Relocating

Take Advantage of All Your Resources to Alleviate the Stress of Relocating



After death and divorce, moving ranks as the third most stressful event in life. Luckily, a military Dity move can help alleviate some of that stress by providing service members up 100 percent of the Government Constructive Cost if they hire their own movers, or an incentive payment of 95 percent of the GCC for those who move property on their own. Although a military Dity move might take a bit of work, it can be a great way for a service member to relocate and begin a new chapter of their life.

When it comes to a military DITY move, there are several regulations and recommendations that individuals might want to follow in order to make their military move as easy as possible. For instance, before moving, individuals might want to learn that several expenses, including a tow dolly, auto transportation, insurance fees, sales tax, meals and lodging, and the gas required for additional vehicles are not covered in a military DITY move. On top of that, military DITY moves, which are also known as personally procured moves, are not usually recommended for relocating overseas. Planning wisely and thoroughly with those things in mind can help make military moving much simpler and alleviate some of the stress that comes with it.

One of the problems that causes relocation to be such a stressful process is the fact that unforeseen costs can arise. Before making a military DITY move, an individual might want to use a DITY move calculator in order to see what aspects of their move are covered and where they might expect to see new financial obligations arise. Doing so can help someone make a budget and be better equipped to handle any expenses that arise. While relocating will always be expensive, avoiding extra costs in a military DITY move can help make the process much easier.

After military service, relocation is common for individuals who want to begin a different lifestyle. Although moving is always stressful, a military DITY move might be the best choice for many individuals. Because it covers lots of expenses, using it for relocation is a great option. No matter how much money someone tries to save, moving will always be costly, but using a military dity move plan can help minimize many costs and make the moving process far less burdensome.