When to Hire a Moving Company

When to Hire a Moving Company


Moving out is a common act in a person’s life, and a typical American may move as often as 12 times in his or her entire life. Trend show that Americans tend to move less often as they grow older, though, and older adults tend to invest in their current homes rather than move out so casually. Overall, though, plenty of Americans are moving in and out of residences each year, and they may be moving to or from rental units or privately owned property. In any case, someone moving out may want to hire some professional help, and experienced movers from good moving companies may help with moving. Someone may look for good movers online, such as “moving company Seattle” or “lowest cost moving company Seattle” if they live in the Seattle area. The price will vary, but someone who looks for “moving company Seattle” or something similar may compare a few options and choose the best one.

Moving Out

What is there to know about moving? Statistics show that Americans move the most often during summer, and in 2016, 13.9% of all moves in that year took place in June alone. By contrast, winter is the least popular time to move, and they may be because the cold is uncomfortable and show and ice may make travel dangerous and difficult. That, and many people would rather spend December going on a winter holiday or making plans for Christmas or Hanukkah. The “typical” moving party is two married adults in their 30s with one or more child, but this may vary widely. Many movers are young adults who are in college or recently graduated, and these young adults both can’t afford a house and have an active lifestyle anyway. They don’t typically “put down roots” during this time, and many renters tend to move every single year.

Young or old, renting or not, a household should take the right steps to make a move as smooth and efficient as possible. Once the new property’s location is known and the time table is determined, the moving household may make their preparations. Not only does this involve finding a moving company, but it also means preparing all inventory. Moving is a good time to take stock of what is owned, since having too many items may make the move slow and expensive. Many households may take this chance to recycle, donate, or simply throw away unwanted items in the house. Larger, inconvenient items or collections may in fact be relocated to self storage units, which may range from furniture to a large TV to a car or boat.

Meanwhile, the household members may take this chance to sort through all their clothes and donate or recycle many of the clothes they don’t want, and something similar may be done with books, DVDs, kids’ toys, kitchen items such as plates and pots, and many more. The average American household has a staggering 300,000 items in it, big and small. This number may drop before the move.

Hiring a moving company is another major step to take, and companies may provide a truck and/or trailer, or several, to make the move possible. The moving company’s employees may help their clients load boxes and furniture into the trucks and trailers, and items may be packed densely together to prevent them from rattling around or falling over during transit. Straps or padding may also be used so that nothing is damaged during travel. At the new residence, some streets may be too narrow or tricky for larger trucks, so items may be transferred to smaller trucks or vans to complete the trip to the new residence. It may also be noted that some moving companies may have the right vehicles and logistics for a longer distance move, such as going from Seattle to Los Angeles, but other companies may be local movers only (such as being confined to a county or even just a city). Someone searching online should make this distinction, and they may search “long distance moving company Seattle to Los Angeles.” In other cases, a search such as “short distance movers in San Diego” may be sufficient, such as moving from one area of the city to another.