15 Cabinet and Countertop Terms You Need to Know

15 Cabinet and Countertop Terms You Need to Know


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Planning your next custom bathroom design or kitchen remodeling project? Before spending any money, make sure you are familiar with all the important cabinetry and countertop terms.

Custom Cabinetry and Countertops Glossary

Accent: A contrasting feature or highlight added to a piece for detail and emphasis.

American Colonial: Design inspired by the American Colonial period, influenced by English Georgian style.

Antiquity Glass: Blurred glass with seeded impressions meant to mimic the texture and imperfection of early glass sheets made in the 18th century. The glass has an aged look with flaws like tiny air bubbles.

Backsplash: Material on the wall behind a countertop that acts as a water guard to protect the wall.

Bullnosing: Adding a finished edge to an unfinished tile (either natural or manmade). Bullnosing protects the edge of the tile from chipping.

Butcher Block: Wood countertops that come in a number of different types of hardwood. They are easy to clean and reseal but sustain damage over time.

Drop-in Sink: The sink has a rim that fits over the countertop when installed.

Edge Return: A countertop edge that is thick to give the appearance of a thicker slab. The rest of the countertop is not as thick, however.

Farmhouse Sink: Also known as an apron front sink, it has a large apron on the front, which sits on a shorter cabinet.

Framed Construction: The cabinet box looks like a flat, empty picture frame with doors attached to the front. Frameless construction, on the other hand, has doors attached directly to the sides of the cabinet box so that the hinges are hidden.

Integral Sink: The sink is constructed with the same material as the countertop so that there is a continuous surface from the counter to the sink.

Pull: A term that refers to any kind of knob or handle on finished cabinets or drawers.

Ready to Assemble (RTA): Unlike custom cabinetry design, RTA cabinet parts come in a kit and simply need to be put together.

Soffit: The space between the ceiling and the top of wall cabinets.

Vessel Sink: A kind of sink that perches on top of the counter.

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