3 Easily Fixable Causes of Costly Heating Bills

3 Easily Fixable Causes of Costly Heating Bills


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Having a properly heated home is a wonderful feeling, especially during the colder months of the year. Unfortunately, one drawback of using your heating system might be receiving costly bills each month. In many cases, costly heating bills indicate a problem with the unit that is easily fixable by a trained professional. Many homeowners are often understandably unaware of what is causing heating bills to rise. Considering that, here are three types of fixable situations that could be to blame for costly heating bills.

  1. Not Replacing Air Filters

    Many homeowners find themselves dealing with allergies throughout the year. With that in mind, you’ll want to check out your air filter in the event you’re sneezing more than normal. An air filter is utilized to ensure that outside contaminants don’t make their way into your home. However, an old air filter won’t be able to block out these contaminants as well as a new filter. In fact, data gathered from the official Energy Star website find that most HVAC systems need to have their filters changed within one to three months. In addition, homes with pets should consider changing filters more often than homes with no animals.
  2. Living With an Improperly Installed HVAC Unit

    One of the most common types of heat repairs occurs if the unit was previously installed in an incorrect manner. While incorrectly installed units might heat your home, they are likely to end up being the culprit of costly heating bills. In fact, statistics show that improperly installed HVAC systems can decrease the ability of your home to either heat or cool itself by nearly 30%. Considering that, it’s wise to contact home heating services to ensure that your system has been properly installed.
  3. Utilizing an Older Heating Unit System

    Certain individuals might find that they are calling to have heat repairs taken care of more often than usual. In these situations, it’s wise to find out if you would benefit from having a new heating system installed. Many homeowners that have air conditioners that are over 10 years old find that they save nearly 20% in regards to energy costs by replacing this system with a newer unit. A home heating maintenance company will help find out if replacing your heating unit will help save you money on your heating bills.

In summary, there are several types of heat repairs that can end up saving you a lot of money. You’ll find that regularly replacing air filters can drastically improve the way your home heats up. On the other hand, older air filters are often filled with a build up that makes it harder for an HVAC system to work properly. It’s wise to call a company offering heat repairs to ensure that your system has been properly installed. Heating systems that are installed in an improper manner can attribute to costly heating bills. If your current heating system is over 10 years old, replacing the unit often tends to increase its overall efficiency. Therefore, having a more efficient heating unit warms your home effectively without you receiving costly heating bills.