3 Reasons Why Your Windows and Doors Should Be Your Next Renovation Project

3 Reasons Why Your Windows and Doors Should Be Your Next Renovation Project



Come springtime, it seems there’s a never ending to-do list of home renovations. However, there are definitely some that should be addressed first, like your windows and doors. While these points of entry are often the subject of aesthetic criticism, they also play an important role in the safety of both your home and family. Windows and doors should not only look nice, but they should effectively protect your home’s infrastructure and the people in your home from outside factors that could prove harmful. Still need convincing? If so, check out these three reasons why replacing or upgrading your windows should be the renovation investment you make this spring:

Weather Resistance
With climate change continuing to effect the overall climate and weather patterns our world is experiencing, it’s important to be as prepared as ever to devastating storms like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. That being said, having hurricane doors and windows that are capable of withstanding wind as fast as 200 miles per hour is a sound investment to make. That means that if a storm arises, your hurricane doors and windows will remain intact, guaranteeing safety of both your family and your home.

Energy Efficiency
Going green is positive for both the planet at large and your wallet. Did you know that typical windows and doors can make your house lose up to 30% of its heat or air conditioning? In contrast, investing in impact resistant Energy Star windows can reduce your heating and cooling bills by as much as 15% per year.

Keeping Your Family Safe From Intruders
Alarmingly enough, statistics show that home invasions happen every 13 seconds. That being said, impact resistant windows are an investment for the safety of both your home’s belongings and your family. Steel doors are one of the most popular contemporary designs and provide some of the safest means of home protection out there. With both aesthetic value and protection on your side, you really can’t lose.

Now that you know the importance of having up-to-date, energy efficient hurricane-resistance windows and doors, what do you think?