3 Ways to Make Your Living Room a Modern Design Paradise

3 Ways to Make Your Living Room a Modern Design Paradise


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Did you know that the furniture market in the U.S. is now worth about $63 billion annually? That?s a lot of safas.

When you first moved into your home or apartment, it likely came with a lot of legacy furniture. It has the armchairs from your parent?s basement and the table you found at a second-hand store. These items have served you well over the past few years, and have a special place in your heart and past. But sometimes, you have to acknowledge when it?s time to upgrade — and stop living like a college student on a budget.

Modern furniture is popular for fresh looking spaces. Although it encompasses a fairly wide range of styles, colors, etc., the idea is to keep thing clean and simple — the ornate, heavily decorated pieces that are popular in more traditional styles won?t fit in here. Modern furniture goes bold instead of soft. Here are a few ways to bring a modern look into your living space. If you’re wondering where to buy modern furniture, online or in person is your best best.

Get Rid of Clutter

Because a big part of modern design is the straight lines and minimalist appearance, it doesn?t really blend well with messy tables piled high with envelopes, etc. Figure out a few easy ways you can stay organized (have a discreet area to keep a pile of your ?deal with it later? papers) and get rid of things you?re never going to use, rather than storing them in dusty heaps around your living room.

Get Some Artwork on the Walls

Art is a great way to create a modern vibe in your living space, and there?s a modern artist perfect for everyone out there — especially if you buy framed prints. What you?re going to want to aim for is art that picks up the accent colors of your room, and is appropriately sized. If the canvas you hang over your couch is too small it?s going to look like something is missing. Artists that use a lot of contrast and solid swatches of color are going to be more appropriate than, say, impressionist artists. If you look at where to buy modern furniture, there should be options for upscale artwork as well.

Find Your Signature Pieces

Your best bet for creating a cool modern furniture vibe in your home is to have a key piece that helps to center the room. For some people, this will be an inviting sofa: think something eye catching like a red couch. You can add throw pillows for an additional pop of color and contrast. For others, modern furniture stores have a lot of options when it comes to tables. Look for tables that embrace geometric shapes and patterns, like cubes and hard edges — this won?t be your mom?s wood and glass coffee table.

If you’re still wondering where to buy modern furniture, get a list going of the pieces you’re interested in and contact local companies. Good luck!