Aspects to Keep in Mind When Redecorating and Upgrading Your Home

Aspects to Keep in Mind When Redecorating and Upgrading Your Home


When you are doing a home remodel, you want the job done right. You might have many questions such as, “How can it be done as environmentally as possible?” “What can I use on my hardwoods if I’m trying to be safe and conscious?” “What paint should I consider?” By choosing an environmentally friendly option, you are inviting a product into your home that will allow for the total safety of your family, which might be exactly what you need. From odorless paint to crib safe paint if you have a baby in your home, it is important to know more about the many types of paint options you have. The next time you have a question like, “What can I use on my hardwoods?” or “what is safe for baby?” you will have the answers you need.

The Environmental Benefits of the Right Paint

What many people have to consider is that paint contains VOCs, which has a huge impact on your indoor air quality and health as a whole. Because of this, many people want to choose a low VOC paint that works for them when they are picking out paint for the home where they will raise their family. VOC levels of over 500 ppb are known to cause problems for people who are especially sensitive to chemicals, which means that your home could quickly turn into a disaster in these scenarios. If you live in a home with VOC paint but the paint on the floor is over a year old, many of the VOCs will have dissipated already. You can choose to go for an organic option if you decide that you want to paint over the floors once more.

There are also many effects on children when paint is used that contains VOCs and other harmful chemicals. For instance, children with high concentrations of these chemicals in their paint could receive a higher chance of asthma, eczema, and almost a triple higher chance of enduring rhinitis. These children might also receive double the likelihood of developing sensitivities to other allergies as they get older.

You want to make the decision that is best for your family, which means choosing an organic paint that will not cause you harm as you enjoy the memories that you and your loved ones make in your home. Choose an option that is safe for you.