Taking A Much Closer Look At The Importance Of Good Landscaping Here In The United States

Taking A Much Closer Look At The Importance Of Good Landscaping Here In The United States


Just like any other aspect of your home and property, your landscaping is also quite important here in the United States. Improving the quality of your landscaping can have a truly wide array of benefits and should not be underestimated in terms of importance. From looking to sell your home to simply wanting to improve your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, there’s a lot to be said for improving the quality of your landscaping here in the United States.

For instance, improving the quality of your landscaping – or even just taking some recommended landscaping tips from landscaping services in your area – can have a huge impact on the selling process of your home. As a matter of fact, taking landscaping tips and improving your landscaping before placing your home up for sale is so important as to be recommended by up to 90% of all real estate agents working here in the United States. After all, improving your landscaping and taking advantage of landscaping tips (even potentially hiring a landscaping company) can raise the selling price of your home by as much as 14%, a truly impressive amount by just about any standards.

In addition to this, taking landscaping tips and improving your property’s landscaping can also mean that your home sells much more quickly than a home without such landscaping improvements will likely sell. In fact, homes that have taken advantage of landscaping tips and updated their landscaping are even able to, in most cases, knock up to six weeks off of the time that it takes to sell their home. For the vast majority of families and households, this is more than ideal.

But what exactly are these landscaping tips in question? For one, the planting of trees is highly recommended, given that the space of the property allows for such. There are many reasons to plant trees too. For one, trees can provide an pleasing aesthetic to any given property, lush and green during summer and spring months, beautiful with color throughout the fall, and snow covered during winter (depending, of course, on the climate of the area in which they are planted). For many experienced landscapers, trees are a highly recommended feature for many properties.

And trees are far more beneficial can just for the aesthetic value that they are able to provide. In addition to beauty, trees can actually help to provide a good deal of privacy and quietness once they are fully grown. In fact, matured hardwood trees have even been found to reduce unwanted noise by as much as 50%, which is certainly quite a significant value for use about every home and property, especially those that might be located next to busy highways or other such roads (or, of course, other sources of noise distraction, as the case might be). Trees can even provide their own array of pleasant noises, from birds chirping to wind rustling in the leaves and more.

Trees that are fully grown (or almost there) can even help to reduce the energy costs of any given home, particularly all throughout the summer months or other such warm months (as some climates might have much more greatly prolonged periods of warm weather than others do). In fact, air conditioning costs can even be lowered by a total of 50% – and by typically no less than 15% at the very least.

This is due to the fact that full grown hardwood trees provide a great deal of shade to homes throughout the country, as they are able to block out as much as 95% of sunlight to a part of the home. When up to 95% of the sunlight is able to be blocked out, the amount of heat that is able to be blocked out as well typically sits at around 75%, which is still quite significant indeed and not a value to be underestimated. Therefore, planting trees is certainly one of the best landscaping tips around, especially once these trees grow to their full size – and, as the case often is – full capabilities.