Behind the Scenes of Directional Boring

Behind the Scenes of Directional Boring


Have you heard about directional drilling companies? Read on to learn exactly what they do and what directional drilling is for.

Directional drilling involves drilling wells at various angles, not just vertically, to reach and produce oil and gas reserves. This technique makes multiple wells from the same wellbore, which in turn minimizes the wells’ environmental impact.

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Directional drilling companies are also conducting horizontal drilling. Multilateral, horizontal, and extended reach drilling are methods that enhance oil recovery that can increase the yield of a downhole significantly. This technique is very important because it has lessened the environmental impact of drills in recent years, giving way for better oil and petroleum drilling as well. It is also effective for various reasons.

Drilling at an angle gives way for better explorations of reservoirs. If there are tough rocks such as granite between the surface, exploration becomes easier with the help of horizontal directional drilling as well. If the reservoir is inaccessible from above, using this drilling technique can make it possible.