Brighten Up Rooms With Well-Chosen Interior Paint

Brighten Up Rooms With Well-Chosen Interior Paint


Painting mobile home walls

Did you know that paint colors can completely change the appearance of any given room? Home design can infuse your home with personality and style, and help compensate for its shortcomings. Stuffy and cramped rooms, for example, can appear bright and airy with the right interior painting. What are some of the best interior painting tips, especially when it comes to small spaces?

Choose Pale, Pastel, and Neutral Colors

Pale, neutral colors, like white and soft, icy blues, reflect a lot of natural light, making rooms appear much grander. Continue visually expanding rooms by selecting even lighter shades for molding and trim. Interior solutions blog Freshome reveals that painting molding lighter shades makes walls appear set back, also contributing to rooms’ airy feel.

Don’t Forget About Ceilings

Home wall painting designs should include ceilings, too. A considerable amount of homeowners choose the most straightforward route, and paint the ceiling white. This complements white walls, or soft, understated colors like creams and pale yellows. On the other hand, white ceilings paired up with dark shades, including black, brown, or navy blue, create a stark contrast, and can actually make rooms appear smaller, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Monochromatic color schemes are another popular option. Once again, these schemes work best with bright colors, such as white. Homeowners may want to mix up popular monochromatic schemes by painting ceilings the same color, but several shades lighter. This is particularly effective when painting mobile home walls, as it draws attention away from low ceilings.

Paint Furnishings, Too

After painting walls, choose furnishings carefully, or even consider painting them on your own. BBC Home recommends painting furniture the same color as the walls. The San Francisco Chronicle adds, “When painted the same color as the walls, large storage pieces, such as shelving and armoires, appear to blend into the walls, reducing their visual presence and making the floor and room appear larger and more open.” The best interior home painting carefully considers walls, ceilings, and large furnishings.

Home design begins with expressive interior painting. Open up cramped spaces by painting walls pale colors, paint large shelves and bookcases the same color as walls, and create the illusion of higher ceilings by painting mobile home walls the same color, but a shade or two darker than the ceiling.