Choosing the Right Water Filter System For Your Family

Choosing the Right Water Filter System For Your Family


Whole home water treatment

In this day and age, filtration systems for your water are a necessity. While tap water isn?t inherently dangerous to your health, water contamination can happen frequently enough to afflict approximately 900,000 people every year with illness. And while fracking can often cause these contaminations, pollution can also be caused far more locally. Agriculture has contaminated up to 72% of rivers and 56% of lakes in the United States alone and for those Americans who overly tend to their lawn, fertilizer can often create dangerous run-offs and can contaminate the drinking water used in wells.

While knowing whether your water is contaminated may be out of your control, filtering your water with the use of home water purifications systems is. The only question that remains is which one of these filtration systems is best for your family: a UV filtration system, water distiller, or Everpure water filter?

UV Filtration Systems

Ultraviolet water filtration removes bacteria from water by using ultraviolet rays to attack pathogens and the DNA of microorganisms, effectively killing any disease or microorganism before they can become harmful to you and your health. However, UV filtration only works in relation to bacteria and microorganisms. Water contaminants such as chlorine and metals are still capable of affecting your health.

Water Distiller

A water distiller evaporates water and then re-condenses it, effectively ridding the water of bacteria and other harmful contaminants. However, if you use a water distiller, it?s best to provide your children with different water while they?re growing. Water from a home water distiller isn?t harmful, but because a water distiller will kill off both bad and good bacteria water from a water distiller tends to contain no nutritional value, which keeps children from receiving the nutrients they need.

Everpure Water Filter

Everpure water filters use a mechanical filter which first separates the drinking water from larger, physical contaminants such as dirt, asbestos, rust, and microorganisms like parasites. The water is then filtered again through a process called chemical filtration, which filters the drinking water from contaminating chemicals such as chlorine.

Whichever whole home water treatment option you choose, your family will be defended from chemical contaminants, harmful microorganisms, and pathogens that may otherwise haunt your faucet and threaten illness. Consider purchasing a water filtration system or water distiller to keep your family, and yourself, safe.