Create a Great First Impression by Staging Your Home

Create a Great First Impression by Staging Your Home


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Selling a home is tough, and there are lots of obstacles for homeowners who are looking to move on and start a new chapter of their life. One of the main challenges is making a great first impression, and though some sellers might overlook that, most home buyers actually form an opinion about whether or not a house is right for them in the first seven to 10 seconds after entering. Because of that, home staging is an important process. Taking the time to set rooms up properly and present a house as nicely as possible is vital for a quick sale.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a staged home will sell, on average, for 17% more than one that is not. On top of that, stats from suggest that sellers who spend more than $500 on home staging will recover 343% of their costs when they sell. So staging will prove to be a great investment. Though needs and the extent of a staging project will vary from home to home, it will always prove to be beneficial. It could prove to make the difference between selling your home at the proper value and struggling to make the sale at all.

There are many options and interior designs that you should think about when trying to stage your home properly, but, according to a 2011 study by, certain projects will have a better return on investment to others. Their top five are cleaning and decluttering (872%), lighten and brighten rooms (572%), upgrading landscaping features (473%), painting the interior (250%), and updating the kitchen (237%). There is no guarantee that every home will have the same results, and all five of those projects might be unnecessary. However, they emphasize the fact that home staging is a must for homeowners who want the best value when they sell.

Home staging could range from simply cleaning up and getting organized to major renovations and serious upgrades. But either way, it is imperative if you want to sell your home at the right price and get it off the market quickly. Selling a home is no easy task, and staging certainly requires a bit of extra work, especially if you don’t want to hire professionals to do it. But, it can prove to be highly worthwhile and the smartest strategy for selling your home.
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