Creating a Cement Floor for Beginners

Creating a Cement Floor for Beginners


Did you know that you can do cement floors all by yourself? If you want to cut up the costs and do it yourself, here’s the beginner’s guide on pouring cement floors onto your patio.

How to make a cement floor for patio:

Step 1: the first step is clearing the entire patio from the foliage, dirt, grass, and other things that may hinder your cement pouring methods. Clear everything. Use a brush or a rake to cover a wider area efficiently.

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Step 2: Measure the area where the cement floor is intended. Use a level to stack up the ground to ensure every surface is level with each other. Ensure no pockets of air are left untreated.

Step 3: Build a wooden form. The wooden form’s purpose is to hold the concrete cement while it is being poured. It is just a perimeter of the area where you will pour your entire cement floor. The cement floor will take the wooden form once everything has dried up.

Step 4: Before pouring the concrete into the wooden form, mix your concrete. A shovel will do the trick if you don’t have any mixers.

Step 5: Once the concrete is mixed, pour the concrete onto the wooden forms as quickly as possible before it dries up. Pour until the concrete slab fills the entire wooden form. Use your creed to level the cement floor onto the wooden form. Groove the concrete, and you are done.