What is Sandblasting?

What is Sandblasting?


Sandblasting is the process of using fine particles and air at incredibly high speeds to shape, clean, and smooth an object. You can sandblast materials like rock, glass, and metal so that paint will adhere to them. You can use a variety of different materials to sandblast such as green diamond, green silica sand, and walnuts.

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Sandblaster professionals wear quite the uniform to stay safe from operational hazards. Typically a sandblaster will be wearing ear plugs, steel toe boots, a blast suit, dust mask, blast gloves, and inner and outer protective shields. The job requires physical fitness as you’re holding a high-pressure hose for up to eight hours a day. You may be working on heights, in confined spaces, and outside in the hot or cold. The job is dusty, noisy, and dirty.

The profession doesn’t require a college degree, and most employers will hire workers with just a high school diploma. You’ll need a few certifications and some training in order to get qualified.

You could work on anything from industrial pipes, oil fields, building exteriors, and military tanks. Sandblasters are also used for cemeteries, metal casting, and road surfacing. It’s a satisfying career with ample room for advancement and growth.