Get More Bang for Your Moving Buck

Get More Bang for Your Moving Buck


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Depending on the size of your home or apartment, and also dependent on where you are moving to, a move or relocation can carry a hefty price tag. According to some estimates, a full service move of a four bedroom house from Boston to Chicago, for example, can cost more than $10,000. If, however, you are moving within a 100 mile radius, the charges can be per hour, per mover, per truck, etc. There are, of course, more inexpensive options for moving, such as do it yourself. But without the expertise of a moving helper such as California movers or Valencia movers, a move can be one of the most stressful events in your life.

In fact, according to the Employee Relocation Council, moving routinely ranks as the third most stressful event in a persons life. The stresses related to moving and relocating involve more than buying and selling real estate, which is extremely stressful, but also involves all of the little details that can make moving so overwhelming and painfully tedious. Details such as forwarding your mail, scheduling utility hook ups, utility shut offs, packing your entire life, and then unpacking your life, can be stress inducing indeed. That is why the benefits of hiring reliable and professional movers like Valencia movers can determine whether your move is a breeze or a nightmare.

When hiring California moving companies such as Valencia movers or movers Santa Clarita, researching recommendations and references should be your top priority. If a previous client had a great experience, they will be sure to tell their story. Likewise, if a previous client had a headache of a time with their move, they will be even more compelled to share their tale of woe. Most recommendations can be found online or even by word of mouth.

In addition to recommendations, it is important to note that experienced Valencia movers are professionals who know what they are doing. Your family heirlooms will not move themselves, and experienced Valencia movers have the equipment to transfer your belongings unscathed. That is why selecting Valencia movers that are insured and bonded is also imperative. If, for example, in the event something were to happen to your great grandfathers baby grand piano, insured Valencia movers can cover that cost.

Not only can moving companies los angeles safely handle all of the heavy, cumbersome loads for you, but selecting Valencia movers that can provide more than just transporting your household belongings safely from point A to point B is important, too. As such, many Valencia movers also provide short or long term storage solutions for your prized possessions. Find more on this topic here.