Facts About Toilets

Facts About Toilets


Pressure assisted toilets

A type of toilet most commonly found in commercial settings such as restaurants, pressure assisted toilets use compressed air within the tank to supply a more efficient flush. this can be helpful in commercial toilets which almost constantly used by a number of people. A more efficient flush leads to a cleaner toilet, which prevents the spread of germs.

Most contemporary toilets in households are not pressure assisted toilets because they system within the toilet is somewhat complicated and it is difficult for non plumbers to obtain replacement parts. Modern toilets within the home typically utilize gravity flow systems. Also, home toilets are not used as often as commercial toilets, lessening the need for such a complicated system.

Pressure assisted toilets also feature a tank in tank system which eliminates what is commonly known as toilet sweat, the condensation formed on the outside of the toilet when the water inside the tank is colder than the air temperature outside of the tank. This is another feature that is beneficial for commercial settings. Though they are common place in businesses, a number of other factors prevent pressure assisted toilets from being desired in a home.

The toilets tend to be noisy, which can be disruptive in a home setting. Also, replacements parts are difficult to locate as they are not sold in hardware stores. They are available at plumbing stores, but are rarely sold to non plumbers. Lastly, the toilets tend to cost more than more common household toilets.

Though pressure assisted toilets are quite efficient and can often be much cleaner than regular household toilets, they are still most commonly found in commercial settings that require greater efficiency. Using them in homes could be in the future, but their complicated, hard to repair system and loud flushing could prove to be a set back.