Is Heating Oil Better than Gas?

Is Heating Oil Better than Gas?


In most residential homes in urban America, gas heat is the norm. When you have gas heating, it is easy to forget about it’s maintenance and upkeep. Heating oil for homes requires that you replace the oil constantly, ensuring that you are always in the know with heating problems around your house. If you have an oil problem, it is obvious.

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If you have a gas problem, it may take longer to notice and address. This video shows the reasons why many Americans prefer heating oil for their homes instead of the usual gas heating.

The first problem with gas heating is the dangers it can cause when there is a leak. If a gas leak is present in the home, inhalation can cause medical issues, and if the gas is ignited by any flame or outside heat source, your entire house can combust. A house fire is one of the most devastating things a family can experience, and if you can have some extra peace of mind by replacing gas heating for oil heating, then why not switch? Heating oil for homes help prevent dangerous gas explosions.