Is Your Electric Bill Out of Control? New Technology Could Be Overloading Your Home’s Circuits

Is Your Electric Bill Out of Control? New Technology Could Be Overloading Your Home’s Circuits


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Are you starting to feel like your electric bill is taking over your budget? Many American homeowners are starting to notice an uptick in their monthly bills, but which appliance is to blame? Older desktop computers actually use much more electricity than their modern laptop counterparts, but even if you are running several tablets, cell phones, and laptops simultaneously you will not break the bank. Experts say that a typical laptop computer uses less than $20 per year in electricity, but that older homes could have outdated or faulty wiring that is driving residential electric bills past a manageable point.

When should you call an electrician? If you remove an outlet cover and see that the wires inside are covered in fabric, you need to call a lighting contractor. Any residential electrical contractor will be able to let you know how you can address an outdated electrical system. Older homes may also have outlets that cannot accommodate newer appliances with three prongs: residential electrical repairs are of the utmost importance in homes like these because the entire system may not be properly grounded.

If you frequently experience circuit overloads, electrical failure, or lights that dim for a period of time before returning to their full brightness, your home could be at risk for more serious electrical malfunction. Experts recommend that homeowners should get a quote from an electrician to investigate the extent of needed repairs: if your home is more than 25 years old, it could be the perfect time to update your electrical system. Although some homeowners prefer to tackle renovation projects on their own, there are some compelling reasons to use a professional electrician.

One reason that many homeowners decide to get a quote from an electrician instead of attempting repairs themselves is that electricity is a very complex topic that can take many years to master. Wondering when to call an electrician? Expert home contractors advise homeowners to automatically involve an electrician for all home electrical repairs. They want homeowners to know that they have to calculate variations in temperature, voltage drops, circuit balancing metrics, and a host of other technical details that may best be addressed by a seasoned professional.

When is the best time to get a quote from an electrician? The minute you realize that your home’s electrical systems are outdated. If your living room is covered in wires, you may be overloading your home’s circuitry without realizing it: older homes were not built to accommodate cell phones and high speed internet, and large electronic devices like flat screen televisions and washing machines could be placing too much strain on the existing electrical system. Homeowners who notice the presence of rust or burn marks near their outlets should also immediately look to get a quote from an electrician.

If your home’s wiring is up-to-date but your electric bill is still out of control, you may have to go through a few steps to figure out the reasons why it is so high. Many electric companies read customers’ meters every other month — in order to save on operating expenses — and bill for estimated electric usage during the months in between. Your bill could be unusually high because previous tenants used more electricity and the electric company is estimating your usage to be higher than it really is. Reading your own meter can help ensure accurate billing.

Older apartment buildings’ electrical meters could also be connected to more than one apartment, increasing electrical bills unfairly: a residential electric contractor would be able to help tenants or onsite landlords ensure that they are only being charged for the electricity that they use. Finding the proper solution for high electric bills can take some investigation, but the first step toward resolving electrical issues should be to get a quote from an electrician. Experts advise homeowners to put always put their own safety first and contact professional electrical contractors.