Preventing a Costly Break In to Your Commercial Property

Preventing a Costly Break In to Your Commercial Property


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Commercial business owners have a lot of responsibility. They must ensure that their commercial property is updated and secure. Some commercial property owners do not put as much effort into the security and safety of their commercial properties as they do their residential properties. They only spend a few hours a day at the commercial property, so it may not seem as important to take the extra safety steps. However, commercial properties are the most burglarized buildings and often contain more confidential information and more financial documents. Simply renting or purchasing a commercial property with door locks is not enough to guarantee the security of your commercial property.

Additional security measures should be taken with all business locations, including installing a door with secure locks, installing a door that is heavy and secure and installing a security and camera monitoring system. All of these security features can reduce the amount of break ins and burglaries in a business.

Although more commercial building breaks ins do not include injury to people, as they most often occur during the night when they are empty, businesses are more subject to lose of personal financial information and confidential customer documents. This is especially true in businesses like health care centers and financial institutions that may have large amounts of money or extremely confidential customer information on site. Simply locking the storage containers of these types of information is not enough.

Most commercial doors are equipped with commercial door locks, but this is not enough. In 10% or more of homes and buildings, deadbolts may be improperly installed, allowing thieves to easily get inside your home or business office. Installing a door with a deadbolt is a good first step, but additional steps should also be taken. A locksmith can provide suggestions as to additional locks that are available. Different types of keys and different types of locks on the door can prevent break ins.

Many business owners may rent their building space, thinking they do not have much say as to the security features of their office. This is not true. Most landlords will accept additional security features, because it also protects their investment. A commercial replacement door can be installed if the original door is not secure enough. Renters are 85% more likely to experience a break in. This is generally because renters are not comfortable enough asking to change the current security features of the home or office space. Installing a door is low cost, even if the tenant is required to pay for it, and it can save them thousands by preventing a potential break in.

Those who have been victims of break ins have experienced both financial and emotional harm. A break in can really put someone one edge and can force them to feel less safe, in both their home and their work place. They can also suffer financially from the items or personal documents that were stolen. According to the latest FBI statistics, there were 1.9 million burglaries in the United States in 2013, resulting in $4.5 billion in property loss. Although some insurance policies may cover some lost items, they do not cover personal items lost that cannot be replaced and the hit that the business might take from customer?s information being stolen.

Breaks ins are, unfortunately a common crime in our country. Most commercial business owners do not take the necessary security steps to prevent burglaries from occurring in their office space. They may underestimate the damages that could be caused from their financial and customer information being stolen. Additionally, many commercial business owners are renters. They may not feel comfortable requesting additional security from their landlord. However, more landlords will provide additional security measures if needed. If not, simply increasing the security features of the commercial office space can save you thousands, should a break in occur.