Protecting Your Home From The Next Hurricane

Protecting Your Home From The Next Hurricane


Hurricanes can be hugely frightening things, there is no doubt about this and it is something that anyone who has ever lived through a major hurricane is likely to be able to attest to. After all, just one hurricane alone is likely to deposit very nearly two and a half trillion gallons of rain over the course of a single day, stirring up millions of miles of air in the process. And hurricanes are becoming more prevalent – and more severe – than ever before.

Back in the 20th century, about 158 hurricanes were recorded in the United States, with the state of Texas and Florida taking the brunt of these immensely powerful storms. In recent years, however, the rate and frequency of hurricanes has kicked up considerably. In fact, the year of 2017 alone saw ten storms in a row evolve into hurricanes of considerable power. Before this recent year, this was something that hadn’t happened for full decades, since the year of 1983.

The power of these storms was also quite undeniable. Consider, for instance, the relatively recent Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma alone was able to generate winds that reached 185 miles per hour. This made it a category 5 storm – and the most powerful one recorded in the history of the Atlantic Ocean. And as you might have already suspected, the damage that this one storm caused was quite immense indeed. In Barbuda alone, it damaged up to 90% of all the buildings on the island and unfortunately and tragically left more than half of the total population (around 60% to be just a bit more exact) without a home. The toll that this storm took on human life – and the suffering it caused – was also quite high indeed.

Fortunately, there are certainly steps to be taken to prevent against the damage that hurricanes can cause – even hurricanes like Hurricane Irma, though certainly not all hurricanes will be quite so severe and destructive in nature. In states like Florida, where hurricanes are particularly common thanks to the coastal nature of much of the state, certain preventative measures have made a tremendous difference already in the lives of many.

For instance, even just having the right windows and doors for your home can make an impact, as all wholesale windows and doors retailers will likely be able to attest to. Wholesale windows and doors are often purchased for commercial and public buildings, but wholesale windows and doors can of course be purchased for residential buildings as well – for instance, wholesale windows and doors will likely be utilized for the construction of a condo or apartment building.

When looking to guard against a hurricane, the wholesale windows and doors that are purchased should ideally be made from impact resistant glass. Impact glass doors are a necessity in protecting your home from the destructive effects of a hurricane, as too are hurricane resistant windows. Fortunately, impact window manufacturers and the like are becoming more and more commonplace and easy to find in states like Florida and even elsewhere throughout the country as a whole. Finding the right wholesale windows and doors made out of such materials is a must, and something that cannot be underestimated in terms of importance.

But in addition to having the right wholesale windows and doors and other such high quality materials, there are other steps to be taken to ensure the safety and security of your home in the event of a hurricane – even the most serious of hurricanes. Regular inspections of your home, particularly in the aftermath of a hurricane, provide just one good example of keeping your home safe in all situations. In the state of Florida, for instance, it is actually legally mandated that condos of all sizes be inspected once at least every 40 years, if not even more frequently than that. And having your single family home inspected as well is also likely to be a good idea.

When it comes to hurricanes, after all, it is certainly far better to be safe than to be sorry, both for your home and for yourselves as well.