4 Creative Ways to Use Shiplap Planks

4 Creative Ways to Use Shiplap Planks


Wood paneling can make for a trendy and rustic look in your home. It can transform a surface and improve the look of a room with ease. This is why stick on wood planks, or peel and stick shiplap planks, make such a great decorating tool. They are quick and easy to use and allow you to create a whole new look for different surfaces in your home. Below are a few ideas on how you can use them to add some flare to an area of your choice.

1. Peel and Stick Wood Walls

Peel and stick shiplap planks make for a great way to transform your walls. You can cover lifeless walls with them to create a more dynamic, rustic appearance. You can even use them to create an accent wall and add some dimension to a room. This is a quicker, more affordable wall option that is so simple you can most likely do it on your own.

2. Shiplap Tables

Another fun option is to create shiplap table surfaces. These self adhering planks make it easy to cover tables big and small. Combining a shiplap table top with a matching accent wall is a great way to pull a room together and make the panels pop.

3. Stove Backing

Your peel and stick wood wall doesn’t have to be a giant living room wall. It can also be the small piece of wall that runs behind your stove. Shiplap with a slick surface makes for a great stove backing, because you can easily clean it off and it adds a nice accent to the space.

4. Paneled Ceilings

There’s no reason why your shiplap planks have to stay on your walls and tables. They can also go on the ceiling to create a unique paneled look. This looks particularly good on angled ceilings and enhances their already eye-catching design.

Peel and stick shiplap panels are a striking and versatile decorating tool. You can transform all kinds of surfaces with them and let your creativity run wild. Try them out the next time you decide to redecorate and enjoy all of fun possibilities.