The Best Water Heating Tips for Modern Homeowners

The Best Water Heating Tips for Modern Homeowners


While water heaters are essential home appliances, individuals using one are likely to pay higher electricity bills. The best water heating units available in the market today are energy efficient and can help homeowners save up to 60% in energy savings. This video has informational tips for those considering remodeling their water heater to ease the buying process.

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Still, there are various things an individual should consider to lower their electricity bill further. Here are the best water heating tips for modern homeowners.

Reduce the Temperature
Minimize the water heater’s temperature to around 120°F. Remember, with every 10ºF temperature reduction, homeowners can save around 5% of their water heating bill.

Let Water Run Only When You are Ready to Use It
Avoid letting the water run while doing other things like finding soap or brushing teeth. Besides increasing the energy bill, allowing water to run while not in use results in wastage. Always turn off taps when not in use.

Repair Leaks Immediately
Many homeowners are likely to ignore small leakage in their water heater. They don’t know that a drip every second can accumulate 259 gallons of water monthly, increasing the electricity bill. Fixing a leak immediately is one of the best water heating tips modern homeowners can use to save energy costs. .