The Importance of not Putting Off Squirrel Removal

The Importance of not Putting Off Squirrel Removal


Squirrels are so adorable when they are running around your yard, jumping from tree to tree, and stuffing loads of nuts in their mouth. They are, however, not adorable when they are living in your article, keeping you up at night, and destroying your insulation.

Squirrels belong outside, but sometimes they find their way inside. Since they don’t know any better, they may find your attic or crawlspace the perfect place to settle down and start their squirrel families.

There are many reasons you don’t want to have squirrels living in your attic aside from the fact they are going to make a mess creating an eyesore and possible odor from them using the bathroom in your house.

Similarly to rabbits, a squirrels’ front teeth never stop growing. They have to constantly chew on things to keep their front teeth manageable. If they are living in your attic, there is a solid chance they will be chewing on the wires they find in the walls.

Having a squirrel chew through wires they find in the attic can disrupt your cable, internet, lighting, or even HVAC. It can also create a dangerous situation by exposing live wires that could then cause a fire.

Another thing you have to consider is that if there are squirrels living in your attic, they are getting in and out of your house somewhere. There has to be a window, crevice, or hole that is allowing them easy access. The opening can also allow easy access to other animals, water, insects, and other things you do not want in your attic.

The possible smell from squirrel urine and droppings was mentioned earlier, but the problems can be greater than the smell. Because of its soft texture, it is likely that the squirrels will choose to do their business in your insulation.

As the insulation becomes saturated with squirrel urine and droppings, it is going to get damaged and the its effectiveness will quickly break down. This can leave your home vulnerable to the elements and increase your monthly utilities.

Finally, there are significant health concerns associated with not only the squirrel urine and droppings, but also the decomposing squirrel bodies when they die in your attic. These are things you may end up breathing in as debris circulates through your home through the HVAC system.

For these reasons and more, you do not want to wait when you discover or suspect there are squirrels living in your home. You want to contact a squirrel removal expert to access the situation and get rid of the squirrels.

Although some homeowners may think they can save money by handling their own animal removal. The risks are too great. In addition to the squirrel removal, you need someone who knows what they are looking for to determine if there are more squirrels or how they are getting in and out of your home.

Destructive animals live squirrels may not mean to cause so many problems, but they are going to do what is in their nature, which includes chewing, searching for food, and surviving.

Although wildlife control can help in some situations, you’re best option is to contact a squirrel removal specialist. A removal specialist can take a look at the extent of your problem and provide a timeline and estimate as to what you can expect.