The Market for Residential Construction Continues to Grow by More than 10% Yearly

The Market for Residential Construction Continues to Grow by More than 10% Yearly


Equipment rental

Are you thinking about making extensive home repairs? The construction industry in the United States is actually the second largest in the world: every year, commercial construction posts profits of $300 billion. Recent reports also indicate that the sales of heavy equipment and portable lifting equipment continue to increase, and that the roofing industry in particular should post impressive gains in the next few years. Recent technological advances allow homeowners to incorporate solar energy alongside new metal roofing panels, and many homeowners are looking to rent various construction equipment for home repair purposes.

Renting construction equipment is a great idea, but many pieces of heavy equipment require certification to operate. The typical bulldozer weighs more than 40 tons and should be operated by a licensed professional. Aerial lift safety training is also essential. If you’re wondering where to start on a home improvement project, contact your local contractors: they can tell you whether you need certification and training to rent various construction equipment. If you do need certification to run certain pieces of equipment and you have the time, you might want to undergo the certification process. There are aerial lift and scissor lift training requirements, so check into your local laws before you take the class.

If you are a home repair enthusiast with a track record of successful home repairs, you should also look into getting certified to drive a forklift. Forklift trainings typically take about eight hours, and some programs offer hands-on training on other heavy equipment. Looking to rent various construction equipment? For extensive home and residential repairs, chances are that you’ll benefit from being able to drive a forklift. If you find yourself looking at frequent equipment rentals, consider leasing or buying the equipment that you use the most. You could save money when you rent various construction equipment like aerial lifts and bulldozers. Talk to your local contracting team about purchase options.

There are currently more than 8 million American adults who are employed doing construction, and in some regions of the country they often need to stop working during the winter months. Spring, summer, and fall are construction season, and you might find that you pay less to rent equipment during less active months. Although you may not need to reschedule your entire build, you could find that you get an attractive deal on leasing or buying equipment during less busy months. Most outdoor heavy equipment should be stored indoors, however. If you are considering purchasing heavy equipment, plan on local storage options in order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the lift or bulldozer.

Once you decide upon leasing and storage options, make sure that you perform any required maintenance and cleaning of your new heavy equipment. Large-scale construction equipment needs to be cared for properly in order to keep it in excellent working order. If you take the time to get certified to run heavy equipment, you might consider incorporating construction into your resume. Local contractors often learn the trade as amateurs, upgrading to professional certifications once they have enough experience. As the market for home and business repairs continues to grow, so will the demand for skilled, certified contractors.