Transform with Texture! Five Tips for Interior Home Painting

Transform with Texture! Five Tips for Interior Home Painting


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Did you know that 62 percent of home owners are planning an interior home painting project this year? Paint is a great way to freshen up the look of a room, bring in color, and coordinate overall appearance. Here are our five interior painting tips that will help make your home look Facebook photo share worthy.

1. Be daring, go bold

A lot of people, when choosing a color for home wall painting, especially for high traffic areas, tend to go for very light colors, such as cream or a light tan. When you go too light, though, the brightness can feel stark and unimaginative. Pastel colors can be a good middle ground. To test bold colors, try using them in smaller locations first, like bathrooms or closets.

2. Accent colors are handy

Did you know that 75 percent of homeowners want to incorporate more color into their rooms? If a color is too in your face to go on all four walls, scale back! Try painting just one wall, the floorboards, or the ceiling, for a vivid change that is not too dramatic. You can also capture the color using decorative bowls, silk flowers, trash bins, et cetera in order to draw the room together. Red is a popular color used to bring contrast and pop in small amounts.

3. Test your colors

Colors look different depending on whether they are in natural light, shadows, or indoor light. First try and see what colors look like by observing sample cards at different times of the day. Then paint a large posterboard and keep that around for a week. Giving yourself time to consider colors is important for painting home interiors.

4. Limit yourself

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with the colors, but the best rooms often stick to a limited color pallete. Try using complementary colors or a monochromatic scheme, for example. By limiting your interior home painting to a few colors, you will end up exploring their variations more, and look less like you have a rainbow hodgepodge.

5. Transform with texture

Texture is the big trend when it comes to adding a feeling of depth to your room. Home painting ideas include using metal finishes and layered color glazes to make your walls look interesting, without being overwhelming.