Use These Three Home Painting Ideas to Upgrade Your Interior Design

Use These Three Home Painting Ideas to Upgrade Your Interior Design


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Did you know that lemon sorbet, a warm pastel color, has been named the interior home painting Color of the Year for 2013 by company Benjamin Moore? Lighter pastels have been trending for the past few years since they help create light and open spaces. Are you planning on painting one or more rooms in your house? Here are three home painting ideas that might inspire you, and liven up your walls.

1. Switch it Up

Although painting four walls and leaving the ceiling white is a fairly standard approach to home wall paintings, switching it up can add a lot of visual interest and extra color without being overwhelming. Painting one wall a different color is known as an accent wall. Complementary colors in contrasting dark and light shades are a good idea, such as a light tan and a deep red. Alternatively you can simply choose one wall to be several shades darker than the rest. Accent walls are more effective on unbroken walls, or walls without doors or windows. Want to paint the ceiling? Expert Maxwell Gillingham Ryan, of HGTV fame, advises painting it a lighter shade of your wall color if white won’t do.

2. Accent it Up

Sometimes, what really pulls a room together is painting home interiors with accent colors. About 75% of homeowners say they want more color in their rooms. Can you paint your trimming something a bit more exciting than white? What about the small recess in one part of the room? Once you paint accent colors, it’s easier to pair up pillows and other decorating accessories to create a unified, colorful room.

3. Always Test

Don’t go to a paint store expecting to come away with a can of paint. Use swatches first to look at how a color changes depending on natural light, indoor light, and shadows. Once you have a few shades you like, paint them out on larger sample boards, before finally picking one to be permanent. Remember that there are several types of paint. Paint can be oil or latex, and finishes range from flat to high gloss. Eggshell is a good choice, as it is fairly matte with only a tiny bit of gloss. Imperfections tend to be more visible with glossy finishes.

Do you have any home painting ideas you’d like to share? Let us know your interior painting tips!