Waterproofing Trick for the Basement

Waterproofing Trick for the Basement


Waterproofing the basement is one of the most important ways you can protect it. Basements usually sit under the ground meaning that they are susceptible to flooding. To protect yourself from water damage, we are going to review a waterproofing trick that you can use in your basement.

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When waterproofing your basement you are going to want to install a drain tile system. In this system, the water will be pushed towards certain areas where they are pumped out of the home. A trench will be made around the parameter of the floor and the ground will be sloped so that the water collects at the edge.

On the foundation, holes are drilled to allow the water into the trench. The foundation can hold a lot of water so this is one way to release some of the pressure. The pump is installed at the corner of the trench system. When the water makes it to the pump it is brought out of the home.

At the end of the process drain tile is laid around the trench. On top of the tile, you will put concrete to cover everything up. If all that is done you have a successful system to fight flooding.