Why Hidden Hinges Are Better for Your Project

Why Hidden Hinges Are Better for Your Project


Achieving a sleek and clean look for any cabinet or door will not be possible without using a hidden hinge. However, most people take things that are part of their everyday routines for granted. For example, when taking out a cookie jar from the cupboard or getting fresh towels from the cabinet, do you pay attention to the cabinet latches or soft close cabinet door hinges?

Kitchen cabinets typically have a lifespan of up to 50 years. But if you install a high-quality hidden hinge, you may even see it endure past that number.

Things You Need to Know About Hidden Hinges

Once the door or cabinet begins to squeak, that’s the only time most people typically become aware of its presence. Of course, nobody wants to really pay attention to small things like concealed glass door hinges and specialty hinges. Still, we want them to work without causing any bother or discomfort.

But however lovely your decorative cabinet doors look, they may still ruin your kitchen if you can’t close them smoothly. And even worse, your cabinet or shelving unit may suddenly get broken or fall off if you use low-quality hinges.

What Makes Concealed Hinges Excellent for Cabinets

These types of hinges are also known as European hinges because they are commonly used in Europe. Others call them invisible hinges and concealed hinges.

In a minimalist and contemporary house design, a concealed hinge perfectly complements the interior decor. Plus, it can also add to the home’s security since it is nearly impossible to access the hinge from outside the door. Therefore, would-be intruders will find it difficult to tamper with.

How Do You Know Whether a Concealed Hinge Is Good?

Not all invisible hinges are created equal. The ability of a concealed hinge to be adjusted is the strongest indicator of quality.

Therefore, choose a hinge you can move up and down, left and right, as well as in and out. Even after you’ve set the hinges in their place, you can still alter the position of your cabinet door by using this type of hinge. With it, you can also attain ideal spacing on all sides.

Do All Hinge Types Have the Same Load Bearing Capacity?

The load capacity of each door hinge model can vary. You still have a way to get around the restriction and fix the situation, even if you choose a high-quality hinge with a smaller load capacity.

On a large cabinet door, attaching additional hinges usually fixes the problem. Usually, it’s true when it involves less expensive hinges. But you can always choose premium hinges with better load-bearing capabilities if you want to avoid using more hinges than are necessary.

Primary Advantages of Concealed Hinges Over Other Types

Compared to conventional versions, invisible hinges offer several advantages:

  • Quiet operation. Using a top-quality concealed hinge means you won’t hear any unpleasant creaking noises. And when you open and close the cabinet or door, you will experience a more seamless operation.
  • Extends the life of your door or cabinet. Most premium designs available today can endure more weight capacity and last for a long time. Many models also have soft-close mechanisms, which lessens the likelihood of these doors getting slammed.
  • Avoid disturbing the contents of the cabinet. If you bang on the cabinet, fragile items like coffee cups or plates may break. With concealed door hinges, you’ll have better protection from door slamming.
  • Kid-friendly and safe. When trying to open or close cabinet doors, kids often use a greater force than usual. But when you have a soft-closing cabinet hinge, they won’t risk hurting their fingers.
  • Simple installation and removal. Sometimes, you must take the door off to clean the kitchen cabinet. But if you have a concealed hinge, you won’t need tools, and you’ll be able to do it without much difficulty.
  • Enables simple modifications. You may adjust the height and angle of the door without disassembling it.

Always Go With Concealed Door Hinge for Your Cabinets

You need to consider utilization while estimating the lifespan of a hinge. So if you intend to install these hinges on a door or cabinet that your family will constantly use, open, and close, it would be better to choose heavy duty hidden hinges. This way, it’ll be more efficient, giving you enough load capacity for your cabinets.