Workers With Well-Lit Offices Sleep Better Than Those Without The Link Between Lighting And Productivity

Workers With Well-Lit Offices Sleep Better Than Those Without The Link Between Lighting And Productivity


How do you choose the right lighting for your home?

Are you attempting to bring out the best in your living room…or would you rather decorate your porch with decorative lights for that upcoming family get-together? Lighting, as you no doubt already know, serves many different functions. Some homeowners are even changing their lighting set-ups just to curb their energy bill. Your lighting design company is filled with eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing options for your set-up, but choosing the right ones requires you answer a few questions off the bat first.

Whether it’s simple commercial lighting for your basement renovation or the benefits of landscape lighting for your garden, learning your terms now will help make a more sound purchase later.

Did You Know?

The lighting market is seeing a surge in purchases. Look no further than recent data gathered on custom lighting design and how it factors into today’s average building renovation purchase. A recent study conducted by the American Society Of Interior Design indicated nearly 70% of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices. Another survey asking real estate agents about the benefits of renovating found nearly 90% actively recommending homeowners to invest in landscaping prior to selling. What does this mean when you visit a lighting design company?

Do You Want To Increase Your Home’s Resale Value?

Perhaps you want to visit a lighting design company to boost your home’s resale value. Selling your house is just as much about giving potential buyers extra incentive as it is about timing and marketing. Landscaping has been found to increase your home’s resale value by nearly 15%. The majority of homeowners who upgrade their outdoor spaces in a recent survey also chose to upgrade their outdoor spaces first. Exterior lighting design is a prime way to boost your home’s appearance while saving you money down the road.

Do You Want To Save Money On Your Energy Bill?

Lighting doesn’t just have to be a long-term investment. You can enjoy a lower monthly bill by making the switch from conventional lighting materials to LED. One study found the simplest way to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to change your LED lights in each room and outdoor space, with an LED bulb using 15% less energy on average while producing over 85% more light. Not sure if you’re losing money with your current lighting set-up? One study found over 10% of the energy use in a residential building comes from lighting alone.

Do You Want To Improve Your Productivity?

Lighting can be a way to breathe new life into your home. It can be an even better way of encouraging productivity. Just like feeling sleepy once the sun starts to dip, so too can you start to feel sleepy in a dimly lit home or office environment. A recent test was conducted to analyze the correlation between weariness and lighting. Test participants with windows in their offices were found to get 45 minutes more sleep per night than their natural light-starved counterparts. They even reported getting more exercise after work.

Do You Want To Improve Your Home’s Appearance?

Last, but certainly not least…perhaps a visit to your local lighting design company is just a means of giving your home a much-needed touch-up. Custom lighting design can show off your interior design better, brighten up your colors and make your home seem brand-new again. Choosing the right light means figuring out which LED lighting model is which. Bluer white light bulbs are marked 4200-6500K. A warm-yellow light, on the other hand, is marked 2700-2900K. Consider hiring an architectural lighting professional to compliment your interior set-up with the right bulbs for a truly enriching effect.

Lighting can save you money, improve your productivity and just make your home feel more welcome. Is it any wonder why high end landscape lighting design is so popular?