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Why New Homes in Chesapeake make a Great Investment

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In years past, investors have contented themselves with used homes to generate income. As the housing market is experiencing a general recovery, though, there may be reasons why they want to consider new homes. Specifically, new homes Chesapeake VA offers may be a great deal for investors. Not only do new homes Chesapeake VA have great income potential, but new homes Chesapeake VA offers are very stable in terms of price.

The first reason investors may consider Chesapeake houses for sale is because of a stable employment base. Norfolk is just a 20 minute drive away, and features a diversity of employers. The railroad company Norfolk Southern is there, as is Norfolk Naval base, home of the U.S. Atlantic fleet. So long as Norfolk retains strategic importance, the Atlantic Fleet will always be there.

The second reason to consider Chesapeake homes for sale is that Chesapeake is a desirable place to live. Chesapeake has a small urban core in its center, but also several thousands of acres of protected farm land and virgin wetlands. New homes Chesapeake VA offers are in an activity rich neighborhood.

Investors who want both income and great price appreciation should consider Chesapeake new homes. After all, new homes Chesapeake VA offers have many things an investor is looking for. All he needs to do is look around.