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Store Your Stuff!

Self storage clearwater

Moving or relocating is cited as the third most stressful event in a persons life. And depending on the size of your move, and also on where you are moving to, a move or relocation can carry a hefty price tag, too. According to some estimates, a full service move of a four bedroom house from Boston to Chicago, for example, can cost more than $10,000. If, however, you are moving within a 100 mile radius, the charges can be per hour, per mover, per truck, etc. There are, of course, more inexpensive options for moving, such as do it yourself hauling and self storage clearwater options.

The stresses related to moving and relocating involve more than buying and selling real estate, which is extremely stressful in its own right. Adding to the stress of the move are all of the little details that can make moving so overwhelming and painfully tedious. Minute details such as forwarding your mail, scheduling utility shut off and hook ups, packing and unpacking are all lofty feats as well.

Whether you hire movers or haul your own belongings, for people downsizing, storage Clearwater FL solutions are a very attractive option. If, for example, you are moving from a four bedroom home into a two bedroom condo, a Clearwater storage facility, such as self storage Clearwater, can be an inexpensive way to store your excess belongings until you are ready to use them again. This option is very viable for snow birds or retirees who may have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, but are not ready to move into their new abode nor get rid of their belongings, either. Self storage Clearwater facilities can be priced as low as $19 per month, depending on the size of your storage Clearwater needs, of course. Another convenient benefit of self storage Clearwater facilities is that they often allow you unlimited access to your belongings, whether you need to store your belongings for one week or several years.