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Ideas For Home Wall Painting Designs

Painting mobile home walls

Many people enjoy the fact that they no longer have to have white walls inside their home. Today’s home wall painting designs range from custom paint colors to decorative wall treatments and from modern and contemporary to rustic and Old World. There are so many different home painting ideas available for you to choose from today. While you can choose to hire a professional artisan to do your home wall painting, many of these home wall painting designs are things that you can do yourself, even if you’re painting mobile home walls.

Some ideas that you may wish to consider whenever you’re ready to engage in interior home painting include:
1. Geometrical designs consisting of large, over sized shapes can be painted with metallic paints on your wall in order to give you a contemporary look. Stripes can make your room feel bigger.
2. Another one of the more popular home wall painting designs is what’s known as color wash. This is a mixture of glaze and paint that will give your walls a look like watercolor. This is applied to your walls with sponges, newspapers or plastic bags depending upon the look you’re attempting to achieve by painting home interior. With a sponge you’ll get an even appearance, while newspapers and plastic will give you a more organic, uneven stone look.
3. Stencils are one of the home wall painting designs that are oftentimes thought of because you can have any design you want on your wall. All it takes is the stencil of your choice, along with some paint and a paintbrush.
5. You can achieve the look of leather by applying tissue paper to your walls. Simply tear up random shapes of tissue paper then use a clear sealer to apply it to your walls.
6. Fake plaster and stone walls can be achieved by applying using a trowel to apply drywall compound to your walls.

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