5 Tips For Maintaining Your Sump Pump

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When it comes to your family’s emergency prevention, a sump pump is essential. By keeping your pump in prime condition, you will ensure that you are prepared to handle any amount of water that collects through heavy rains. The following tips will help you keep your sump pump in quality condition until it is time to schedule basement sump pump installation.

  1. Perform regular cleaning. Clean your pump, inlet screen, and other parts of the system to keep debris from collecting and clogging the pump. It’s natural for these materials to collect, especially if you use well water. But it’s also quite simple to get them out.
  2. Know your environmental risks. It’s important to know if you live in a flood risk zone. This way, you can take extra precautions for keeping your sump pump working well. If you do have high risk, you may consider working with a professional to take extra precautions.
  3. Replace the pump when necessary. While maintenance can go a long way,
    it’s important to know when it’s time for a replacement. When you are spending excessive money on repairs, it may be more economical and safe for your home if you order a replacement pump.
  4. Schedule regular inspections. Just as you would order inspections for your water tanks and water well sealing, it’s important to schedule inspections for your sump pump. And don’t wait until you have a problem with your pump. By inspecting the pump once per year, you can always be prepared for a flooding emergency.
  5. Know when to install a new system. For a while, you may be able to replace individual parts on your sump pump without issue. But eventually, it will be time to replace the entire system. Ask a professional to confirm that it’s time for a new one, and they can advise on the rest of the installation plan.

Heavy rains, well digging, and other factors can cause water to flood your home. In these cases, you want a quality sump pump to be up to the job. By maintaining your system, you can keep your pump running for years to come. Quality sump pump installation and repair can protect both your family and your home.