7 Tips to Get the Right Company to Put in Your Kitchen Cabinetry

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If you are considering any kind of kitchen remodeling project, you are not alone. In the United States alone, there are more than 7.6 million homeowners who will embark on such a remodeling job every year. One of the reasons these remodeling jobs are so popular is that they add a lot of value to a home. Before you set about getting new kitchen cabinetry put in or having a new kitchen design implemented, you need to find the right company to handle the job. You do not want to leave the job of remodeling kitchen cabinets to just anyone.

  1. Talk to the homeowners you know. You probably have friends and family who own their own homes. Ask around to see if any of them had new kitchen cabinetry put in. If you know someone who had custom cabinetry put in, even if the cabinets were put in their library or their living room, they may have done the kind of work that you would like done in your kitchen. It is always good to get a recommendation for a contractor from someone you know and trust.
  2. Talk to a few contracting companies. When you are looking to have new kitchen cabinetry put in, it is always a good idea to talk to a few companies about the job. You should ask for detailed quotes that list what they would charge and what they are charing that for. This makes it easier to compare the different quotes and estimates.
  3. Find out how long the job will take. When you are talking to different contractors about your kitchen cabinetry, ask then how long they expect the project will take. Ask them also how many jobs they are working and and when they would be able to start on your project. You may find the perfect contractor to put in your new kitchen cabinetry but if they cannot get to your project in the right time frame, you may have to go with a different company.
  4. Do not base your choice only on the price tag. No one wants to pay more than they should. The problem is that if you always go with the lowest bid, you may get a product that is not what you really want. For example, in New York state, state agencies are required to go with the lowest bid for all work. As a consequence, many state schools were worked on by prison contractor and the dorms look like jails. You should look for a good deal but you want your kitchen cabinetry to look good and work well, too.
  5. Make sure they have the right license and insurance. Not every state requires contractors have a license, you should look into this before you talk to contractors, but if yours does, you should make sure your contractor is licensed. Ask but verify whatever they tell you. You also need to know that they have the right amount of insurance. If someone is injured while working on your kitchen cabinetry, you can be held legally liable if they do not have the right amount of insurance. Again, you need to verify they have what they say they have.
  6. Ask for references. When you are looking to hire someone to work in your home, you should always ask for references. This is the best way to find out what it is like to work with a company or contractor. The people who have worked with them can tell you what the experience is like and they may have some suggestions to make the process go better for everyone involved. If the company balks at giving you references, go someplace else.
  7. Look at their portfolio. You want to go with a company that has a similar aesthetic to you. Before you hire a company to put in your kitchen cabinetry, you should know the work they do is good and that they can install something you and your family will like.

Picking the right company to help you with your custom kitchen cabinet design can seem like a daunting challenge. If you take your time, you will find the right contractor or company.