Can a Steel Roofing Contractor Help You Build a Maintenance Free Home?

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The original footprint is planned. The goal is to design a new home that is as close to no maintenance as possible. The basic space requirements are to create a space that matches the square footage of the master bathroom and the master bedroom. The kitchen, living room and, guest rooms can be much smaller than what you currently have now that the kids have grown up and moved out. With a second home at the lake, this new home near the city will be smaller, have virtually no maintenance, and require a very small amount of energy to heat and cool.
The first step is to pour the footings and lay the concrete floor, heated by tubing carrying hot water. The outside will involve steel roofing contractors working with the design of the outside shell. Where a typical residence would have wood two by fours, this home will have metal two by fours. Where a typical residence would have plywood and sheet rock this home well have metal siding. Thick layers of insulation between the steel siding and the inside drywall will create a temperature controlled home that will be affordable to heat and cool.
Low Maintenance Home Ownership Is Appealing
The zero maintenance appeal of the product that steel roofing contractors provide is difficult to ignore. Although metal roofing contractors were once known for their pole barn structures and commercial roofing projects, they are now increasingly being used for residential projects as well. Residential metal roofs have warranties that easily exceed those offered by composite shingles and other materials.
The most common types of metal used to produce roofing products are steel and aluminum. Some of this steel roofing is coated with an aluminum-zinc alloy, and it is this combination that provides a lifespan that can last up to 100 years.
Low to no maintenance roof options erase the problem of repair and replacement of roofs that were previously covered with asphalt or composite shingles. Without needing to budget for expensive future roofing projects, home owners can invest their money in other parts of the home.
Steel Roofing Contractors Offer Materials for Commercial and Residential Projects
Consumers may think that they have a vision of what metal roofs look like, but the industry actually has several options that they offer. In addition to offering roofing products in many colors, steel roofing contractors also install several special material roofs. Some of the special metals, like copper, zinc, and stainless steel are more expensive than the more well known aluminum-zinc alloy. These special metal products, although more expensive, will still cost 30% less than the least expensive slate or tile roof.
Another reason that residents are turning to metal roofing options is that they are looking for options that can help save more energy and leave a smaller “footprint.” A metal roof, for instance can easily help save as much as 25% of a home’s annual home energy bill. Even more importantly to some, new metal roofs can contain anywhere from 30% to 60% of recycled metal content. At the end of their use, metal roofs are 100% recyclable. Compared to older asphalt shingles which fill landfills across the nation, metal roofs are a wise choice.
Are You Ready for a New Roofing Option?
What are the plans for your next home? What are your plans for your home’s next remodeling project? As the home building industry works to improve the materials and the processes that they use, home owners across the world reevaluate what they think they have always known about building materials and their purposes. The decision to switch from a high maintenance roofing material that later becomes an environmental hazard to a maintenance free green product can make a big difference. A difference to individual home owners and their energy bills, as well as a difference to the environment we all share.
Many home owners are reevaluating the homes where they live. As children grow and move out, some home owners are making the decision to downsize and at the same time make energy efficiency improvements. Building a smaller home can create an economic situation where home owners spent less on their property, while also saving on energy bills and future maintenance needs.