3 Important Hurricane Facts High-Speed Winds and Crashing Waves

3 Important Hurricane Facts High-Speed Winds and Crashing Waves


If you live in the southeastern United States, you already know how dangerous these deadly storms can be. Though they often make headlines, folks outside the hurricane region often don’t understand what the storms are actually like. If you haven’t seen all the hurricane windows and doors Miami has to offer, you likely don’t know what it’s like to have to be prepared for catastrophic storms at any moment through a good portion of the year. For those who aren’t too educated on the topic, or for any folks just looking to refresh their memory, here are five incredible facts concerning these dangerous super storms.

1. The Most Powerful Atlantic Hurricane on Record was Hurricane Irma in 2017

The catastrophic Hurricane Irma blasted a large segment of the United States in August and September of 2017. Hurricane Irma has the distinction of holding winds of 185 miles per hour for a total of 37 hours at one point during the course of the storm. Over it’s entire lifespan, Hurricane Irma held 7 trillion tons of energy, or double the amount of energy of all the bombs used in World War Two. Many folks without hurricane proof windows, doors and other forms of protection suffered massive amounts of damage to their homes and property. Hurricane windows and doors Miami wide and across the rest of the effected areas had to be utilized to protect against the storm, and even that was often not enough. By using hurricane windows and doors Miami residents were able to have at least some level of protection against the storm.

2. Atlantic Hurricane Season Runs From the Beginning of June to the End of November

The time of year where hurricanes crop up falls in the summer and fall months of every year. High impact windows and doors are often considered necessities by folks who live in the affected areas, as hurricanes can appear with almost no notice during these months. Window manufacturers in Florida and other hurricane-affected parts of the country are adept at producing hurricane proof windows, doors and more, so those who live in the affected areas may want to look into hurricane-proofing their homes soon.

3. A Hurricane Can Dump Up to 12.4 Trillion Gallons of Water Every Day

These devastating storms always leave a path of destruction in their wake, with razor-sharp winds, pouring rain, crashing waves and sometimes even tornadoes. Water will find its way everywhere, flooding streets and homes and creating lasting damage that often takes years for communities to recover from.

Have you ever experienced a hurricane first hand? What was your time like? Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share any thoughts or experiences in the comments below!