4 Important things you need to know about copper sinks

4 Important things you need to know about copper sinks


Copper vessel sinks

The oldest known copper item dates back to 8700 BC Iraq. It was a copper pendant. Copper was also part of holistic medical science Ayurveda in ancient India. They used copper for medical instruments and equipment. Copper is one of the metals that are part of the advances and progress of many ancient civilizations. For example, creating bronze from copper and tin was first practiced 4000 years ago. This was during the time just after the discovery of smelting copper. Bronze and copper alloy Egyptian artifacts dates back to 3000 BC. This is because of the malleable quality of copper and because copper is a good electrical and heat conductor.

Today, one of the most common items made from copper is copper sinks. Copper sinks have remained one of the top choices in sinks because it offers various types and styles, such as copper vessel sinks and copper farmhouse sink. Moreover, copper changes its appearance as it ages, a process called patina. This makes any copper sink even more attractive to homeowners. If you are not sure about using copper sinks for your home, here are the top four facts about copper sinks that will help you decide.

First, when it comes to maintenance, copper sinks virtually require no maintenance. You do not need to buy specific cleaning products for your copper sink. All you have to do is to use soap and water in cleaning your copper sinks. Moreover, the natural patina of copper sinks makes them look even better as they age. If you want to protect your copper sinks, you can simply use Renaissance wax.

Second, when it comes to the sanitary property of sinks, copper sinks are better than the other sinks in the market today. For example, compared with the stainless steel sink, copper sinks have antibacterial properties. Stainless steel sinks have been found to sustain bacteria and gems for days. In copper sinks, the bacteria will die within hours. This is the reason why food preparation industry is now seriously considering the benefits of using copper sinks.

Third, copper sinks are very durable and strong. With higher gauge copper, such as 16 for the bathroom and 14 for the kitchen and bath tubs, you can expect your copper sinks to last a lifetime under ordinary kitchen and bathroom use. This is the reason why many manufacturers offer lifetime warranty for their sinks. Of course you need to find a trusted and respected copper sink manufacturer if you want to have high quality and durable sinks.

Fourth, when it comes to style and look, copper sinks offer wide range of designs. You can choose the more traditional or country style look. Or you can choose the ultra modern sinks that are used by many modern style homes today. Once you find a good manufacturer, you can find the perfect copper sink that will be perfect for the look of your home.