5 Upgrades Every HVAC System Needs

5 Upgrades Every HVAC System Needs


To avoid unnecessary HVAC repairs, every heating and air system should have these five things:

A UV light: A UV light could help clean the coils and all you need is a regular bulb. Some systems have UV lights incorporated already. Two bulbs would be best on both sides of the coil, but one on the return side of the coil is the minimum recommendation.

A whole house home filter: Not the cheap replaceable filters, but a nice MERV filter.

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These only have to be replaced once per year. They’re mounted in the return duct and they’re about four to five inches thick. This will help remove particulates from the air.

An ionizer: There are plenty of ionizers you can choose from. Ionizers can help kill mold and help your filter to be more effective.

Humidifier or Dehumidifier: You want your humidity levels to be in a very specific range so you can stay comfortable. Keeping your humidity in the correct range can help you save money on heating and cooling your home.

Surge protection: Power surges are more common in some locals than others, but it’s an easy upgrade that every HVAC system should have.

Protect your home and save money with these five easy HVAC system upgrades.