Are You Getting Ready for a Major Renovation in Your Home?

Are You Getting Ready for a Major Renovation in Your Home?


Subway tile sizes

You are planning on a complete redesign. From selecting new mosaic tile designs for the kitchen backsplash to shower floor tiles, you have a house that is full of different colors and textures. Even though your husband really thinks he wants a stone kitchen backsplash, the mosaic tile designs are too tempting. They add both sparkle and color to a space that in the past was very dull and drab.
Kitchen remodels are very popular, perhaps because they are a great investment. Return on Investment (ROI) research indicates that kitchen remodels are worth the money. With a 82.7% ROI a kitchen remodel can provide you an updated cooking at gathering area, as well as adding significant value to the overall price of your home.
One of the things that will make a kitchen remodel even more worthwhile is if you take time to research what the most recent and popular trends are. Fortunately, the trends are often still so varied that you will be able to make a selection that will also let you reflect your personality and your taste. In addition, many of the newest kitchen appliances and floor and counter coverings are are also easier to maintain and keep clean.
Mosaic Tile Designs Are Versatile Enough to be Used in the Kitchen, in the Bath, and at the Pool
When was the last time that you took the time, finances, and energy to update the kitchen or the bathroom in your home? Although we are able to live in a house for many years without making any changes, the decision to make sure that you are making a real investment in your property often means that you need to make occasional upgrades. After you have been in a home for 10 or 15 years, a major renovation is often needed. The installation of the newest appliances and the most versatile floor coverings can help you add to the value of your property.
Whether you are looking at mosaic tile designs or white subway tiles, another important part of any home renovation is the selection of a contractor and all of the subcontractors. And while some home owners are able to find sub contractors for all of the small assignments, other home owners want to find a single contractor who will take care of finding all of the other necessary contractors.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the home renovation and reconstruction projects:

  • New glass shower enclosures are one of the current most popular bathroom remodeling choices. In fact, this style of shower enclosure is preferred by 79% of homeowners.
  • Estimates reported in a Houzz survey indicate that 60% of home owners said they plan to remodel their master bathroom. Bedrooms, as might be expected, are another popular remodeling and redesign project. Bedrooms are important spaces in a home. They serve as both a place to rest and a place to relax.
  • When bathroom additions are part of home remodel, those home owners an average of ROI of 86.4%.

  • Lists of the most popular remodeling projects include bathroom remodels as number one, and kitchen remodels as number two. More specifically, according to a National Association of Home Builders survey, 69% of all jobs requested were for kitchen remodeling and 78% of all jobs requested were bathroom remodeling projects.
  • One square foot comprises eight three by six inch subway tiles. To understand how much tile you are going to need is to measure the project space, round that number to the next highest square foot, then add 10% to 15% to cover waste, cuts, and breakage.
  • One of the best ways to have an idea of what you want to change or update in your home is to make sure that you visit a variety of model homes and product showrooms.
  • Knowing the individual prices of the products that you want to use can help you make sure that you keep a handle on the total costs.

The decision to make a remodeling change in your home is also a decision to invest in your home. Selecting quality products and having them installed by reputable contractors will help you make the most of any changes you make to your property. Are you ready to get started?