Which Flooring is Best for the Bathroom

Which Flooring is Best for the Bathroom


Bathroom design

In homes across America, the bathroom is a room that isn’t as often thought about when it comes down to renovating. Homeowners looking to improve the value of their home should definitely be considering the benefits of bathroom renovation. Remodeling your bathroom can recoup upwards of 60% of costs by increasing the resale value of your home. Engineered flooring is another popular bathroom design choice. This type of flooring is a plywood base with a layer of wood on top of the base and is great for moisture concerns. This list is meant to serve as a broad scope of various floor choices. However, many flooring businesses have included engineered flooring to their product line.

Remodeling done in the bathroom can recoup a large portion of renovation costs. It is wise to think of remodeling as a future investment for your home’s value. The flooring of your bathroom will be an essential aspect of any remodel. Here is more information about the different types of flooring you could have for your updated bathroom design project. Each entry in this list will contain more information about the advantages and disadvantages associated with each flooring choice.

  1. Carpeting – Choosing carpet is a bathroom design choice that will save you money. However, the bathroom is a room that will typically have liquid on the floors. Carpet, while inexpensive, can become stained and discolored due to water damage. In addition, if a carpet is continually soaking up liquid, you could find yourself having to deal with mold and mildew. Homeowners that are looking for an inexpensive floor option can consider carpet. However, it is important that, with carpet flooring, you do your best to keep excess liquid from the carpet.
  2. Hardwood Flooring – One distinct advantage of hardwood flooring in your upcoming bathroom design plans is that it is extremely easy to maintain. In most cases, a simple wipe down is all that is needed to keep hardwood floors in great condition. Carpet is an inexpensive choice for home remodeling. However, hardwood flooring is also inexpensive in most cases. It is a good idea to give new wood floors the proper time to settle, prior to being installed. Typically, wood flooring needs about four to five days to settle into the home environment before being installed.
  3. Tile – One of the most well known bathroom design flooring choices, tile is great in a moisture filled environment. Due to its strong base, water will not absorb into tile. As you’ve read with hardwood flooring, tile is another flooring choice that doesn’t require as much maintenance as carpet does. An added benefit of tile flooring is that it won’t create volatile compounds within your home, known for causing health concerns.

In closing, each choice of flooring for your bathroom will have its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Carpet is certainly inexpensive but isn’t always suited to the moisture that can be found on the surface of a typical bathroom floor. Wooden flooring is another popular bathroom design choice but some might not want to wait for the material to settle before it is installed. When you consider the ease of clean up and not having to worry about mildew, it’s easy to see why many bathroom designs include hardwood flooring.

Tile is very popular within bathrooms all across the world. The strength and ease of maintenance associated with having a tile floor would keep your bathroom looking great for years to come. Not having to worry about mildew or warping help to put tile in a flooring class all its own. No matter which flooring option you choose for your next remodel, be aware of how it will help add increased value when it comes time to resell your home. Having a bathroom that stands out could really make your next bathroom remodel turn into a future homeowner’s dream come true!